Collected Poems Character Descriptions

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Wilfred Owenappears in Entire Book

This person, killed in World War I, is the author of the book.

Siegfried Sassoonappears in Introduction and Appendix One

This war poet is a friend and mentor to the author.

John Keatsappears in Introduction, Appendix One, and

This person was a nineteenth century English Romantic poet and the author's greatest influence during his youth.

German Soldierappears in Strange Meeting

The author meets this person while retreating from an attack.

Abraham and Isaacappears in The Parable of the Old Man and the Young

These are Biblical figures whose story differs in the author's poem.

Deathappears in The Show and The Next War

This person takes the author above the battlefield to give a bird's eye view, then takes the form of a worm.

Soldier Killed by Gasappears in Dulce Et Decorum Est

This person's death reminds the author of someone drowning.

The Sentryappears in The Sentry

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