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Short Answer Questions

1. In the poem "I See a Girl Dragged," what does the narrator see men doing?

2. In the poem "Waiting for Breakfast," what is the female character doing?

3. In the poem "Myxomatosis," what object causes the subject pain?

4. What emotion does the narrator of the poem "Wedding-Wind" feel?

5. In the poem "Is It for Now or For Always," what does the narrator call his lover?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "The Building," what kind of building is the narrator describing? What kind of building does he compare it to?

2. In the poem "Talking in Bed," how does the narrator feel about talking in bed? What does he say is hard to do?

3. In the poem "Love Songs in an Age," what object(s) did the woman keep? What does this do for the woman?

4. In the poem "Within the Dream," of what does the narrator dream? What is his reaction to this dream?

5. What is the poem "Tops" about? What is the thing that most appalls?

6. In the poem "Toads Revisited," where is the narrator? What does he contemplate?

7. What is the poem "Take one Home for the Kiddies" about? What happens to this object?

8. In the poem "An Arundel Tomb," who are the subjects of the poem? What are they doing?

9. In the poem "Sympathy in White Major," what is the narrator doing? What is he thinking about?

10. In "Friday Night at the Royal Station Hotel," to what does the narrator compare the hotel? What kind of letters do the people write?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Larkin uses flowers often in his poetry. Write an essay explaining two different ways that Larkin uses flowers in his poems. Make sure you use strong examples in your arguments.

Essay Topic 2

Measuring oneself against another is a popular theme in the collection "The Whitsun Weddings." Using at least three poems from the collection, write an essay on this theme.

Essay Topic 3

In contrast to the topic of loneliness, the theme of the desire to be alone is prevalent in Larkin's poetry. Write an essay using at least two examples of this theme in the collection "The Less Deceived."

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