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Short Answer Questions

1. In the poem "Pour Away That Youth," what fear is expressed?

2. In the poem "I Put My Mouth," what does the narrator tell the stream and wind they will not find?

3. In the poem "Love, We Must Part Now," what does the narrator say is always in a parting relationship?

4. What does the ship in the poem "Next, Please" represent?

5. What line is repeated in "All Catches Alight"?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "Love," what is the difficult part of love? Who does love suit?

2. In the poem "Love Songs in an Age," what object(s) did the woman keep? What does this do for the woman?

3. In the poem "Dublinesque," what is going through the streets? What name is heard?

4. In "Breadfruit," what do the boys dream of? Where do these visions end?

5. In the poem "A Study of Reading Habits," what does the narrator say reading helped him do? How does the poem end?

6. In "The Building," what kind of building is the narrator describing? What kind of building does he compare it to?

7. In the poem "Maiden Name," what has marriage done to the subject? What is the result of this?

8. In the poem "To Write One Song," what does the narrator want to do? Where does he have to go in order to do this?

9. What is the narrator looking at in the poem "Lines on a Young Lady's Photograph Album"? What does the narrator say about the nature of photography?

10. Where is the narrator in the poem "Climbing the Hill"? What is the tone of the poem?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Memories play an important role in Larkin's poetry. Write an essay on the theme of memories in the collection "The Less Deceived." Make sure you use at least two poems in your argument.

Essay Topic 2

Using the poems "Kick Up the Fire" and "If Grief Could Burn," write a compare/contrast essay on the nature of fire and grief in the collection "The North Ship."

Essay Topic 3

Larkin uses flowers often in his poetry. Write an essay explaining two different ways that Larkin uses flowers in his poems. Make sure you use strong examples in your arguments.

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