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Short Answer Questions

1. What types of games are long gone in the poem "Cut Grass"?

2. Finish the line from "Wants": "Beneath it all, desire of ______ runs."

3. In the poem "Ugly Sister," how many steps are there to her room?

4. In the poem "I Put My Mouth," what does the narrator tell the stream and wind they will not find?

5. What does the coming season do to the narrator of the poem "Coming"?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the poem "Broadcast," what popular figure is on television? What does the narrator notice was dropped?

2. What line is repeated in the poem "All Catches Alight"? What purpose does the repeated line serve?

3. Where is the narrator in the poem "Night Music"? What does the poem celebrate?

4. In "Love," what is the difficult part of love? Who does love suit?

5. In the poem "Within the Dream," of what does the narrator dream? What is his reaction to this dream?

6. In "Forget What Did," what "was a stun to memory"? What does the narrator think pages should be filled with?

7. What is the poem "Wires" about? What kind of animal is mentioned in the poem?

8. Why does the narrator say that home is sad in the poem "Home is so Sad"? Name at least two household objects the narrator talks about in the poem.

9. How many parts comprise the poem "The North Ship"? Where is the third ship going?

10. In "Since the Majority of Me," what does "the majority of me" reject? What is the result of this?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Larkin uses nature often in his poetry. Using at least two poems, write an essay that explains his comparison of human characteristics vs. those of nature.

Essay Topic 2

Measuring oneself against another is a popular theme in the collection "The Whitsun Weddings." Using at least three poems from the collection, write an essay on this theme.

Essay Topic 3

A unique theme in Larkin's collection "The Less Deceived" is photography. Using a minimum of two poems, write an essay on the theme of photography in this collection.

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