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Section 1

• The collection "The North Ship" begins with a poem dedicated to Bruce Montgomery, a poem rallying poets with the beat of a drum.

• The collection continues with a poem about a dinner guest, and the host being prepared.

• "The Moon Is Full Tonight" asks the question of where paradise may be.

• "Dawn" is a poem about a loss of love.

• "Conscript" is dedicated to James Sutton, and it is about a war for which he was to blame and must fight for.

• "Kick Up the Fire" is a poem about idleness and loneliness.

• The collection continues with "The Horns of the Morning," a nature poem about the morning.

• "Winter" is a poem about pride.

• "Climbing the Hill" is a sad poem about overlooking a town.

• "Within a Dream" is a poem about lovers meeting for one night only, which turns the narrator's heart cold.

• The collection continues...

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