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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Lines for an Old Man.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of whose "damp souls" is the speaker of "Morning at the Window" aware?
(a) Jewelers.
(b) Housemaids.
(c) Old wives.
(d) Chimney sweeps.

2. The speaker sees what, but not what in the first stanza of "Eyes that last I saw in tears"?
(a) Death, but not the dream.
(b) The tears, but not the eyes.
(c) The eyes, but not the tears.
(d) The kingdom, but not the river.

3. Over what do multitudes weep, as reported in the final stanza of A Cooking Egg?
(a) Beer and bread.
(b) Tea and biscuits.
(c) Fear and loathing.
(d) Crumpets and scones.

4. Behind what does the "small soul" of "Animula" curl up?
(a) The Oxford English Dictionary.
(b) The Encyclopaedia Britannica.
(c) The Grand Piano.
(d) Copleston's History of Philosophy.

5. Who is the "still unspeaking and unspoken Word" in "A Song for Simeon"?
(a) The Foreigner.
(b) The Infant.
(c) The Servant.
(d) Israel.

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom does the speaker hand a copy of the "Boston Evening Transcript"?

2. In the second of the "Five Finger Exercises", what stands in the brown field?

3. In Part I of "The Waste Land", "The Burial of the Dead," which month is said to be the cruelest?

4. Who is claimed as "our sentimental friend" in "Conversation Galante"?

5. Of what does the first coming remind "us" in "The Cultivation of Christmas Trees"?

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