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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator hypothesize is the cause of the fight in "The Encounter"?

2. In "The Gospel According to Mark," what does Baltasar do with the Gutres' English Bible?

3. In "The Bribe," what does Professor Einarrson write?

4. In "Legend," what does Abel do to Cain?

5. In "Avelino Arredondo," to what does Avelino belong?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "Borges and I," who are the two Borgeses, and what is the relationship between them?

2. What does "Shakespeare's Memory" say about creating art?

3. In "The Duel," what is the nature of the duel between Clara and Marta?

4. In "The Ethnographer," why won't Fred Murdock reveal the secret of the Indian tribe to the professor?

5. In "Unworthy," why does Fischbein, a mild-mannered and bookish man, hang around a gang?

6. In "The Other," how does the elder Borges most successfully prove to the younger Borges that he is not dreaming their encounter?

7. In "Undr," is there any suggestion that "Undr" or "wonder" really isn't the only sacred word of the Urns?

8. What is the message about scientific precision in "Museum- On Exactitude in Science"?

9. Name some of the customs and beliefs of the strange group in "The Sect of Thirty."

10. In "The Book of Sand," what are the stages of the narrator's view toward the book?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Choose a story and analyze the narrative structure. How does the structure propel the action? How does it inform the meaning or themes of the story? "The Shape of the Sword," the story of the traitorous John Vincent Moon, is an excellent example for examining the structure. Feel free to use this story or choose your own. Remember to be as specific as you can.

Essay Topic 2

What seems to be Borges' stance toward religion in these stories? Think of the many stories that deal directly and indirectly with theological disputes. Think also of the many stories that have some form of a god as a character. Use at least three different stories to illustrate your point.

Essay Topic 3

Describe the concept of forbidden knowledge in Borges' stories. Are there certain things man should not know? Is it dangerous to try to play the Divine? Think of stories such as "The Writing of the God," "A Theologian in Death," "The Chamber of Statues," and "The Mirror of Ink." Choose at least one of these stories, and up to three in supporting your essay.

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