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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "The Immortal," which of the following best describes the result of attaining immortality?
(a) It does not really change anything.
(b) Because man's life is no longer finite, he loses motivation, and degenerates into a base creature.
(c) It is wonderful, for wisdom and pleasure can be endlessly pursued.
(d) It is pure torture; humans truthfully crave their own death.

2. In "The Writing of God," how can Tzinacan escape?
(a) By reading the fourteen words on the animal beside him.
(b) With a mysterious hacksaw he finds.
(c) By reciting the Bible.
(d) By bribing one corrupt guard.

3. "The Lottery in Babylon" deals most closely with which theme?
(a) The misrepresentation of Babylon in The Bible.
(b) The dangers of gambling addiction.
(c) The role of chance in life.
(d) People should focus on their private selves and avoid the public life.

4. In "The Wait," what happens to Villari at the end?
(a) He kills his pursuer.
(b) He goes to prison.
(c) He proves his innocence and can go free.
(d) He is shot to death.

5. In "The Dead Man," which of the following best characterizes the gang leader's attitude toward Otalora?
(a) He is terrified of Otalora, and allows him to do what he wants because of fear.
(b) He wants to groom Otalora to be the next leader.
(c) He enjoys his presence, for he knows Otalora will be killed, and hence enjoys toying with him.
(d) He absolutely despises Otalora, and tolerates him only because of his abilities.

6. In "The Aleph," what is the Aleph?
(a) The key to translating an unknown language.
(b) A mystical portal to visions of the past and present.
(c) A sword said to have belonged to Saladin.
(d) A strange bird.

7. In "The South," what is Dahlmann challenged to do outside a bar?
(a) Wrestle.
(b) Win at horseshoes.
(c) Have a knife fight.
(d) Recite poetry.

8. In "The Theologians," why is John of Pannonia killed?
(a) He dies in war.
(b) He is labeled a heretic.
(c) He is accused of treason.
(d) He kills himself in despair.

9. In "Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius," what is Orbis Tertius?
(a) The narrator's award for Latin, that he received in college.
(b) Herbert Ashe's code name.
(c) The trade name for a secret society that describes Tlon and Uqbar.
(d) An undiscovered number.

10. In "The Two Kings and the Two Labyrinths," what happens to the imprisoned King of Babylon?
(a) He lives a harsh, but long, life in his prison.
(b) He escapes.
(c) A wizard turns him into a bird and he flies away.
(d) He dies of hunger and thirst.

11. In "The Library of Babel," what is the central shape that the library is based upon?"
(a) Circle.
(b) Rectangle.
(c) Octagon.
(d) Hexagon.

12. In "The Mirror of Ink," what happens to the ruler from prying too deeply into a vision?
(a) He dies.
(b) He becomes a sorcerer.
(c) He comes to realize that what seemed like magic was only a hoax.
(d) He realizes the folly of worldly power and gives up his rule.

13. In "The Cult of the Phoenix," what is the Cult of the Phoenix?
(a) A shadowy religious sect.
(b) A group that imagines they have exact counterparts in Arizona.
(c) A group devoted to the study of mythology.
(d) A bird watching group, with their own language derived from the names of birds.

14. In "The Other Death," how does the author suggest that Damian could be both a hero and a coward?
(a) He conveys how Damian would run, then fight, run, then fight, continuously during the battle.
(b) Though he fled from the battlefield, 40 years later on his deathbed, Damian, through a miracle, wills himself to be a hero.
(c) He doesn't; Damian is portrayed as strictly a hero.
(d) He doesn't; Damian is portrayed as only a coward.

15. In "Emma Zunz," where does Emma get a gun?
(a) It is hidden in the bathroom.
(b) She has it in her purse.
(c) A man on a street corner gives it to her.
(d) In Lowenthal's desk.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "The Circular Ruins," what does the sorcerer do in his dreams?

2. In "Man on the Pink Corner," what does the Yardmaster challenge Rosendo to?

3. In "Hakim, the Masked Dyer of Merv," Hakim is revealed to have what disease?

4. In "Pierre Menard, Author of Quixote," which author is Menard most obsessed with?

5. In "The Widow Ching--Pirate," what prompts the protagonist to become a pirate?

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