Cold Sassy Tree Short Essay - Answer Key

Olive Ann Burns
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1. How does Mary respond when she hears that her father is getting remarried?

When Mary hears that her father is getting remarried, she is worried about what people will think. She thinks Love Simpson is too young and hates that she is a Yankee. Because Granny Blakeslee has only been dead for three weeks, she fears people will think that he didn't love Granny or that he had had his sights on Miss Love all along.

2. Why does Grandpa Blakeslee say he is getting remarried?

When Grandpa Blakeslee announces that he is getting married to Love Simpson, who is the milliner in his store, he says he is doing this because he is lonesome and needs someone to help take care of him.

3. What is the most shocking part about Grandpa Blakeslee's remarriage in Will's mind?

When Will hears that his grandfather is getting remarried, he is most shocked because his grandmother died only three weeks earlier.

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