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Olive Ann Burns
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Twenty-nine.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What ends Will's time of mourning for Granny?
(a) His mother's party for Love.
(b) His birthday.
(c) Grandpa's marriage.
(d) The month anniversary of Granny's death.

2. What was Will's grandma never able to do that Love has done very quickly?
(a) Stop heeding gossip.
(b) Paint the shutters.
(c) Make Grandpa laugh.
(d) Fix the house up nice.

3. What is the nickname of Loma's husband?
(a) Camp.
(b) Cray.
(c) Call.
(d) Chup.

4. Who does Grandpa ask to go through his late wife's things?
(a) Mary and Loma.
(b) Will and Hoyt.
(c) Will and Love.
(d) Love and Mary.

5. Why does Grandpa say he is getting a horse for Love?
(a) To change the farm.
(b) To keep her happy.
(c) To dote on her.
(d) To distract her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Loma so angry about when she sees Love at the house for the first time?

2. What offends Will when he gets to Grandpa's house for the first time after his marriage to Love?

3. Why does Will think Love might have confided things in him?

4. What does Will forget to do the day after his train experience?

5. How did Granny Blakeslee die?

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