Objects & Places from Cold Sassy Tree

Olive Ann Burns
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Cold Sassy

This is the small town in Georgia where the story takes place. It is named for a grove of Sassafras trees that used to be there.

Mill Town

This is the place where the cotton workers live.

Blind Tillie Trestle

This is the place where Will gets run over by a train.

Blind Tillie Creek

This is a place where Will goes fishing.

Blue Ridge

Lightfoot McLendon comes from the foothills of this place.


This is a town whose original name was Harmony Grove.

New York

This is where Grandpa Blakeslee and Miss Love go on vacation.

North Carolina

This is where Will's ancestors come from.


This is a town near enough to Will to visit on occasion.

Tallulah Falls

This is where Aunt Loma and Uncle Camp take their honeymoon.

Cussin' Creek

This is the name of a nearby fishing hole.

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