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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Ada later learn happened to this young man who spent time alone with her during her final party in Charleston?

2. Where did Inman learn this spell?

3. Who cuts the face of Inman's companion for haggling too much over price?

4. After the death of her father, what does Ada learn about her financial situation?

5. Why does Veasey hit his companion over the head in the chapter Exile and Brute Wandering?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Balis? What manuscript is he working on?

2. Why did Inman decide he would like to meet Ada?

3. What does Inman learn happened to the preacher and his lover?

4. When Inman stops to make corn mush, what does he smell that leads him further down the river?

5. What surprises Ada about the circumstances of her conception and birth?

6. What scene do Ada and Ruby stumble on on their way back to Black Cove?

7. Why does Ada decide to sell her piano?

8. Why is Inman in a military hospital?

9. Who does Inman dream about after seeing a dark-haired girl riding a horse?

10. What happened to Ruby when she was only four?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss setting. What is significant about Cold Mountain? Why did the author chose to set his novel in this place? How do the lives of the people indigent to this area affect the plot? There are a lot of Indian legends in this area. How do those legends affect the developing plot? How would the novel be different without these legends?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the Greek translation. Why does Inman take this translation after the translator dies? What do these translations mean to Inman? What does Inman plan to do with them after he finds Ada? Does Inman ever get the chance to work on these translations? What is the coverless book Inman carries with him through his travels? Why does Inman read this book? What does this book teach him?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss character growth. What is character growth? How is character growth represented in the novel's plot? Which characters show growth in this novel? How? Does Ada show character growth? Who helps Ada to grow? How does this growth affect he people around Ada? What about Ruby and Stobrod? Do they show growth? How?

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