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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the men who steal from Sara's home?
(a) They run into a band of Indians who scalp them.
(b) They have an accident on their starved horses.
(c) Inman kills them and retrieves Sara's belongings.
(d) Sara shoots them with her husband's riffle.

2. What does Inman do to his companion's horse upon meeting up with another group of men?
(a) Inman forces Ruby's horse to gallop toward the approaching men.
(b) Inman forces Ada's horse to stop.
(c) Inman forces Ruby's horse to gallop in the opposite direction.
(d) Inman forces Stobrod's horse to gallop away.

3. What is taken from Sara's home during the visit by the men who come to Sara's while Inman is still asleep in her bed?
(a) Her infant.
(b) Three chickens and the hog.
(c) Inman.
(d) All her money and valuable possessions.

4. Why does Sara agree to launder and mend Inman's clothes?
(a) In payment for him slaughtering her hog.
(b) In payment for food Inman gives her.
(c) In payment for farm work Inman agrees to do.
(d) In payment for repairs he agrees to do to her cabin.

5. What does Ruby send Ada out to get when Stobrod wakes them with his coughing in the middle of the night?
(a) Water.
(b) Wild Turkeys.
(c) Coffee.
(d) Fresh fruit.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Inman offer to do for a grief stricken mother in the chapter, A Vow to Bear?

2. Who comes to visit while Ada is at Black Cove alone in the chapter, A Satisfied Mind?

3. What does Inman read to Ada while she makes dinner after his arrival?

4. What reason does Stobrod give for wanting to live at Black Cove?

5. What do Ada and Inman discuss after sharing their feelings for one another?

Short Essay Questions

1. What decision does Inman make the following morning about his future?

2. What animal does Inman dream about and later feel responsible for killing?

3. Who once lived in the village that Ruby and Ada have brought Stobrod to?

4. What do Ada and Ruby find when they come to Stobrod's camp?

5. Who or what does Ruby catch in her trap in the cornfield?

6. How does Inman end up at the home of a war widow?

7. What does Stobrod tell Ruby and Ada to attempt to prove that he has changed?

8. Who helps Inman with his injuries?

9. Why are things awkward between Inman and Ada at first? How does this begin to change?

10. Who attacks Sara's home while Inman is there?

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