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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do Inman and his riding companion run into as they attempt to navigate the forest after leaving the abandoned village?
(a) A group of marauders.
(b) The Home Guard.
(c) The Federals.
(d) A Confederate army unit.

2. In the chapter, Naught and Grief, who has joined Stobrod and Pangle?
(a) A young Indian woman.
(b) A young man from Tennessee.
(c) Pangle's cousin.
(d) A young man from Georgia.

3. What do these men want to know about?
(a) Where Inman might be.
(b) What unit Stobrod and Pangle are with.
(c) The band of outliers robbing rich slavers.
(d) Where the nearest town is.

4. With whom does Inman leave the camp?
(a) Ada.
(b) Stobrod.
(c) Ada and Ruby.
(d) Ruby and Stobrod.

5. What does Ruby do with the trapped animal from the cornfield?
(a) Feeds him to the cows.
(b) Lets him go.
(c) Gives him supplies and directions.
(d) Feeds him breakfast and threatens to shoot him if he steals from her again.

6. What does Ruby instruct Ada to do while she is in town trading for beef?
(a) Split logs and burn brush.
(b) Milk the cow.
(c) Plow the fields.
(d) Build a scarecrow.

7. What do most Christians consider the fiddle, refer to it as?
(a) The Devil's Guitar.
(b) The Devil's Box.
(c) The Devil's Instrument.
(d) The Devil's Playground.

8. What does Ruby find in the trap she set in the cornfield?
(a) A squirrel.
(b) A raccoon.
(c) Her father.
(d) A Federal.

9. What does the leader of these men order be done with Stobrod and Pangle after they get the answers they needed?
(a) He orders them shot.
(b) He orders them arrested.
(c) He orders that they be allowed to go free.
(d) He orders them hung.

10. Why does Sara agree to launder and mend Inman's clothes?
(a) In payment for him slaughtering her hog.
(b) In payment for repairs he agrees to do to her cabin.
(c) In payment for food Inman gives her.
(d) In payment for farm work Inman agrees to do.

11. Who joins Ada and Ruby for supper as they enjoy what will most likely be their final dinner outside that fall?
(a) Brice.
(b) Inman.
(c) Veasey.
(d) Stobrod.

12. How does Ruby react to Inman's eventual arrival?
(a) Ruby is darkly jealous and refuses to allow him into their camp.
(b) Ruby insists Ada does not need a man.
(c) Ruby falls deeply in love and begins to flirt with Inman.
(d) Ruby is indifferent, except for a concern over the amount of food they must share with him.

13. Who comes to visit while Ada is at Black Cove alone in the chapter, A Satisfied Mind?
(a) Inman.
(b) Stobrod.
(c) Henry.
(d) Brice.

14. Who is Sara, a woman Inman meets in the chapter, Bride Bed Full of Blood?
(a) An old girlfriend of Veasey's.
(b) A war widow.
(c) A hermit woman.
(d) The defiled companion of a preacher.

15. What does Inman dream about in the chapter, A Vow to Bear?
(a) That he has become a bear and is shot and skinned by hunters.
(b) That he returns to Sara and becomes her husband.
(c) That he has returned to Cold Mountain to find Ada married to another man.
(d) That he has been killed in battle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why has Inman begun to fast as he reaches Cold Mountain?

2. How does this new person help Inman with his journey?

3. What memory of Ada does Inman share with Ada while they are alone in Ada's cabin?

4. Where do Ada and Ruby go for the night as snow begins to threaten?

5. What do Ruby and Ada find when they arrive at Stobrod's camp?

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