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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Ada and Inman discuss after sharing their feelings for one another?
(a) The death of Monroe.
(b) Inman's status as a fugitive.
(c) The future, specifically marriage and life at Black Cove.
(d) The dangers of the war.

2. What does Inman dream about in the chapter, A Vow to Bear?
(a) That he returns to Sara and becomes her husband.
(b) That he has been killed in battle.
(c) That he has returned to Cold Mountain to find Ada married to another man.
(d) That he has become a bear and is shot and skinned by hunters.

3. What does the leader of these men order be done with Stobrod and Pangle after they get the answers they needed?
(a) He orders them hung.
(b) He orders them shot.
(c) He orders that they be allowed to go free.
(d) He orders them arrested.

4. What causes Stobrod and his companions to become ill in the chapter Naught and Grief?
(a) Some spoiled vegetables Ruby gave them.
(b) Cherries they stole from a local orchard.
(c) A dead doe they ate.
(d) The large amount of fruit they have been eating.

5. What causes one of these men to believe Stobrod and Pangle are holy men?
(a) Their clothing.
(b) Their speeches.
(c) Their music.
(d) Their Bibles.

6. What is taken from Sara's home during the visit by the men who come to Sara's while Inman is still asleep in her bed?
(a) Her infant.
(b) Inman.
(c) Three chickens and the hog.
(d) All her money and valuable possessions.

7. What does Ada tell Inman about her relationship with Ruby?
(a) That Ruby is her illegitimate sister.
(b) That Ruby is not a servant and will not take orders.
(c) That Ruby is her child.
(d) That Ruby has become her lover.

8. Why has Inman begun to fast as he reaches Cold Mountain?
(a) So he will die quickly if Ada refuses him.
(b) So he can cross the portal at Shining Rock if Ada refuses him.
(c) So he can enjoy a huge feast when he finds Ada.
(d) So he will be skinny and handsome for Ada.

9. What happens to the mother bear that is attempting to protect her cub from Inman?
(a) She simply walks away, leaving her cub behind.
(b) She is killed by a passing Indian.
(c) Inman is forced to kill her.
(d) She charges him and falls from a cliff.

10. What type of animal does the new person Inman meets in the chapter, The Doing of It, raise?
(a) Dogs.
(b) Goats.
(c) Bulls.
(d) Cats.

11. How does Ruby react to Inman's eventual arrival?
(a) Ruby is darkly jealous and refuses to allow him into their camp.
(b) Ruby insists Ada does not need a man.
(c) Ruby falls deeply in love and begins to flirt with Inman.
(d) Ruby is indifferent, except for a concern over the amount of food they must share with him.

12. What do Ruby and Ada allow the messenger to do as they leave?
(a) To take a few chickens when he leaves.
(b) To sleep in the hayloft until dark.
(c) To take their horse to escape the area.
(d) To sleep in the house until they return.

13. Who does Inman meet as he comes to the end of his map in the chapter, The Doing of It?
(a) A band of gypsies.
(b) A dedicated preacher.
(c) An old hermit woman.
(d) A war bride.

14. With whom does Inman leave the camp?
(a) Ada.
(b) Ada and Ruby.
(c) Ruby and Stobrod.
(d) Stobrod.

15. Why does Sara agree to launder and mend Inman's clothes?
(a) In payment for food Inman gives her.
(b) In payment for him slaughtering her hog.
(c) In payment for farm work Inman agrees to do.
(d) In payment for repairs he agrees to do to her cabin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does Stobrod give for wanting to live at Black Cove?

2. Who is Sara, a woman Inman meets in the chapter, Bride Bed Full of Blood?

3. What memory of Ada does Inman share with Ada while they are alone in Ada's cabin?

4. How did this person get his nickname?

5. What do these men want to know about?

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