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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What decision does Inman make about his outlier status?
(a) Inman decides to return to active duty.
(b) Inman decides to return to the hospital from which he escaped.
(c) Inman decides to go to the Federals and pledge allegiance to the Union.
(d) Inman decides to continue to hide until the war is over.

2. How does this new person help Inman with his journey?
(a) She gives him a ride back to the military hospital.
(b) She feeds him a hearty meal that staves off starvation.
(c) She nurses him through his illness.
(d) She treats his wounds and gives him medication.

3. Who is Sara, a woman Inman meets in the chapter, Bride Bed Full of Blood?
(a) A war widow.
(b) A hermit woman.
(c) The defiled companion of a preacher.
(d) An old girlfriend of Veasey's.

4. Why does Inman decide to attack the approaching group of men?
(a) Inman wants to surrender, but not to these men who will surely kill him and his companion.
(b) Inman has seen Ada, so now he is ready to die.
(c) Inman feels he has no choice, there is no reasoning or hiding from these men.
(d) Inman is tired of running.

5. Why has Inman begun to fast as he reaches Cold Mountain?
(a) So he can enjoy a huge feast when he finds Ada.
(b) So he can cross the portal at Shining Rock if Ada refuses him.
(c) So he will die quickly if Ada refuses him.
(d) So he will be skinny and handsome for Ada.

6. What wish does Inman make when he lies down to sleep in the chapter, A Vow to Bear?
(a) To see Ada before he dies.
(b) To be alive when the sun rises.
(c) A quick end to his journey.
(d) For a larger moon.

7. Who comes to visit while Ada is at Black Cove alone in the chapter, A Satisfied Mind?
(a) Stobrod.
(b) Inman.
(c) Henry.
(d) Brice.

8. What map does Inman follow on the next leg of his journey in the chapter, The Doing of It?
(a) A map given to him by the Federals.
(b) A map given to him by Lila.
(c) A map given to him by Veasey.
(d) A map given to him by the yellow slave.

9. How did this person get his nickname?
(a) He was expected to have been a girl.
(b) He once broke an expensive vase.
(c) He was nearly beaten to death with a short, straight piece of wood.
(d) He was married to a woman named Inna.

10. How does Ruby react to Inman's eventual arrival?
(a) Ruby falls deeply in love and begins to flirt with Inman.
(b) Ruby is indifferent, except for a concern over the amount of food they must share with him.
(c) Ruby insists Ada does not need a man.
(d) Ruby is darkly jealous and refuses to allow him into their camp.

11. What does Ruby do with the trapped animal from the cornfield?
(a) Lets him go.
(b) Gives him supplies and directions.
(c) Feeds him breakfast and threatens to shoot him if he steals from her again.
(d) Feeds him to the cows.

12. What does Ada tell Inman about her relationship with Ruby?
(a) That Ruby is not a servant and will not take orders.
(b) That Ruby is her illegitimate sister.
(c) That Ruby has become her lover.
(d) That Ruby is her child.

13. What do most Christians consider the fiddle, refer to it as?
(a) The Devil's Guitar.
(b) The Devil's Playground.
(c) The Devil's Instrument.
(d) The Devil's Box.

14. What does Inman offer to do for a grief stricken mother in the chapter, A Vow to Bear?
(a) Bury her child.
(b) Find her missing child.
(c) Fix her leaky roof.
(d) Harvest her tabacco.

15. Who rides up and begins asking Strobrod and Pangle questions?
(a) Some Federals.
(b) An Indian scout.
(c) A Confederate scout.
(d) The Home Guard led by Teague.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Inman learn about this new person that leaves him feeling as though solitude might not be the answer?

2. What does Ruby find in the trap she set in the cornfield?

3. What instrument does Ada and Ruby's guest play?

4. How many people were originally in the grief stricken mother's family that Inman meets in the chapter, A Vow to Bear?

5. In the chapter, Naught and Grief, who has joined Stobrod and Pangle?

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