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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is taken from Sara's home during the visit by the men who come to Sara's while Inman is still asleep in her bed?
(a) Her infant.
(b) Inman.
(c) All her money and valuable possessions.
(d) Three chickens and the hog.

2. What happens to the men who steal from Sara's home?
(a) They have an accident on their starved horses.
(b) Sara shoots them with her husband's riffle.
(c) They run into a band of Indians who scalp them.
(d) Inman kills them and retrieves Sara's belongings.

3. What do these men want to know about?
(a) What unit Stobrod and Pangle are with.
(b) Where Inman might be.
(c) The band of outliers robbing rich slavers.
(d) Where the nearest town is.

4. How does Inman attempt to find Ada?
(a) He follows footsteps in the snow.
(b) He follows blood drops on the vegetation.
(c) He follows directions given to him at Black Cove.
(d) He follows a map Swimmer gave him.

5. What do Ruby and Ada find when they arrive at Stobrod's camp?
(a) Neither Stobrod or Pangle.
(b) Pangle dead, but Stobrod still alive.
(c) Both Stobrod and Pangle dead where they were shot.
(d) Stobrod dead, but Pangle still alive.

6. Why does Sara ask Inman to share her bed?
(a) Sara finds Inman attractive.
(b) Sara has no other place for Inman to sleep.
(c) Sara misses her husband and needs to feel some human connection.
(d) Sara is a prostitute in need of money.

7. What type of animal does the new person Inman meets in the chapter, The Doing of It, raise?
(a) Bulls.
(b) Dogs.
(c) Cats.
(d) Goats.

8. What map does Inman follow on the next leg of his journey in the chapter, The Doing of It?
(a) A map given to him by Veasey.
(b) A map given to him by Lila.
(c) A map given to him by the Federals.
(d) A map given to him by the yellow slave.

9. What does Ada tell Inman about her relationship with Ruby?
(a) That Ruby is her child.
(b) That Ruby is her illegitimate sister.
(c) That Ruby is not a servant and will not take orders.
(d) That Ruby has become her lover.

10. How did this person come to compose his own music?
(a) He was inspired by the death and destruction he witnessed in the war.
(b) He was inspired by a dying girl he was paid to perform for.
(c) He was inspired by the death of the woman he loved.
(d) He was inspired by his daughter.

11. What does Ruby send Ada out to get when Stobrod wakes them with his coughing in the middle of the night?
(a) Coffee.
(b) Water.
(c) Fresh fruit.
(d) Wild Turkeys.

12. How does Ruby react to Inman's eventual arrival?
(a) Ruby falls deeply in love and begins to flirt with Inman.
(b) Ruby is darkly jealous and refuses to allow him into their camp.
(c) Ruby insists Ada does not need a man.
(d) Ruby is indifferent, except for a concern over the amount of food they must share with him.

13. What does Inman offer to do for a grief stricken mother in the chapter, A Vow to Bear?
(a) Harvest her tabacco.
(b) Find her missing child.
(c) Fix her leaky roof.
(d) Bury her child.

14. Who comes to Sara's house the next morning after she and Inman share a bed?
(a) The local Home Guard.
(b) Three Federals.
(c) Several injured Confederates.
(d) The local law.

15. Where do Ada and Ruby go for the night as snow begins to threaten?
(a) To a village abandoned by the Trail of Tears.
(b) To an abandoned Indian cave.
(c) To the same shelter they used the night before.
(d) To an abandoned barn.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Inman read to Ada while she makes dinner after his arrival?

2. Why does Inman decide to attack the approaching group of men?

3. What does Ruby find in the trap she set in the cornfield?

4. How do Ruby and Ada dress as they set out to find and bury the bodies of Stobrod and Pangle?

5. What does Inman learn about this new person that leaves him feeling as though solitude might not be the answer?

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