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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Ruby and Ada spend the night as they set out to find Stobrod and Pangle?
(a) In an old Indian village.
(b) At the home of a friend of Monroe's.
(c) In an abandoned barn.
(d) In a shelter Ruby knew as a child.

2. What wish does Inman make when he lies down to sleep in the chapter, A Vow to Bear?
(a) To see Ada before he dies.
(b) A quick end to his journey.
(c) To be alive when the sun rises.
(d) For a larger moon.

3. What do Ada and Inman discuss after sharing their feelings for one another?
(a) The dangers of the war.
(b) The death of Monroe.
(c) Inman's status as a fugitive.
(d) The future, specifically marriage and life at Black Cove.

4. What does Inman read to Ada while she makes dinner after his arrival?
(a) A passage from the Bible.
(b) A passage from Balis's Greek translation.
(c) A letter he intended to send her.
(d) A passage from Bertram that is highly sexual.

5. What does Inman do to his companion's horse upon meeting up with another group of men?
(a) Inman forces Ruby's horse to gallop toward the approaching men.
(b) Inman forces Ruby's horse to gallop in the opposite direction.
(c) Inman forces Ada's horse to stop.
(d) Inman forces Stobrod's horse to gallop away.

6. What does Ruby do with the trapped animal from the cornfield?
(a) Feeds him to the cows.
(b) Lets him go.
(c) Feeds him breakfast and threatens to shoot him if he steals from her again.
(d) Gives him supplies and directions.

7. Who comes to Sara's house the next morning after she and Inman share a bed?
(a) The local law.
(b) Three Federals.
(c) The local Home Guard.
(d) Several injured Confederates.

8. Who comes to visit while Ada is at Black Cove alone in the chapter, A Satisfied Mind?
(a) Brice.
(b) Inman.
(c) Stobrod.
(d) Henry.

9. What happens to the men who steal from Sara's home?
(a) Sara shoots them with her husband's riffle.
(b) Inman kills them and retrieves Sara's belongings.
(c) They have an accident on their starved horses.
(d) They run into a band of Indians who scalp them.

10. Where do Ada and Ruby go for the night as snow begins to threaten?
(a) To an abandoned Indian cave.
(b) To an abandoned barn.
(c) To a village abandoned by the Trail of Tears.
(d) To the same shelter they used the night before.

11. Who tells Ruby and Ada about the shooting of Stobrod and Pangle?
(a) The boy from Tennessee.
(b) One of the outliers.
(c) The Georgia boy.
(d) One of the men who shot them.

12. Who rides up and begins asking Strobrod and Pangle questions?
(a) A Confederate scout.
(b) The Home Guard led by Teague.
(c) An Indian scout.
(d) Some Federals.

13. Who do Inman and his riding companion run into as they attempt to navigate the forest after leaving the abandoned village?
(a) A group of marauders.
(b) The Home Guard.
(c) The Federals.
(d) A Confederate army unit.

14. What does Inman learn about this new person that leaves him feeling as though solitude might not be the answer?
(a) That solitude is boring.
(b) That she is lonesome and he would be too.
(c) That solitude leads to insanity.
(d) That she risks death every time she does anything that could lead to injury.

15. What type of animal does the new person Inman meets in the chapter, The Doing of It, raise?
(a) Dogs.
(b) Cats.
(c) Goats.
(d) Bulls.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Sara agree to launder and mend Inman's clothes?

2. With whom does Inman leave the camp?

3. What does Inman hope Ada's reaction will be when she sees him?

4. What does Inman dream about in the chapter, A Vow to Bear?

5. Why does Inman's progress begin to slow in the chapter, The Doing of It?

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