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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What noise attracts Inman to Ada and Ruby's camp?
(a) Ada's screams.
(b) Ruby's yelling.
(c) Ada's shotgun shots.
(d) Ruby's riffle.

2. How many people were originally in the grief stricken mother's family that Inman meets in the chapter, A Vow to Bear?
(a) 7.
(b) 9.
(c) 4.
(d) 6.

3. How do Ruby and Ada dress as they set out to find and bury the bodies of Stobrod and Pangle?
(a) In military uniforms.
(b) In party gowns to possibly confuse the killers.
(c) In Stobrod's clothing.
(d) In the clothes of Ada's father.

4. Who joins Ada and Ruby for supper as they enjoy what will most likely be their final dinner outside that fall?
(a) Inman.
(b) Stobrod.
(c) Veasey.
(d) Brice.

5. What do most Christians consider the fiddle, refer to it as?
(a) The Devil's Playground.
(b) The Devil's Guitar.
(c) The Devil's Instrument.
(d) The Devil's Box.

6. What does Inman read to Ada while she makes dinner after his arrival?
(a) A letter he intended to send her.
(b) A passage from Bertram that is highly sexual.
(c) A passage from the Bible.
(d) A passage from Balis's Greek translation.

7. What does Inman dream about in the chapter, A Vow to Bear?
(a) That he has been killed in battle.
(b) That he has become a bear and is shot and skinned by hunters.
(c) That he has returned to Cold Mountain to find Ada married to another man.
(d) That he returns to Sara and becomes her husband.

8. What does Inman find when he eventually reaches Black Cove?
(a) Veasey has reached it first.
(b) Stobrod.
(c) An abandoned farm.
(d) The Georgia boy there alone.

9. What does Ruby find in the trap she set in the cornfield?
(a) A Federal.
(b) Her father.
(c) A raccoon.
(d) A squirrel.

10. What does Ada hear that causes her to return to Inman?
(a) A gun shot.
(b) Inman's voice yelling for help.
(c) Stobrod's voice yelling for help.
(d) The distinctive sound of Inman's gun.

11. What does Ruby do with the trapped animal from the cornfield?
(a) Lets him go.
(b) Feeds him to the cows.
(c) Feeds him breakfast and threatens to shoot him if he steals from her again.
(d) Gives him supplies and directions.

12. What does Inman discover as he stops to fill a canteen in the chapter, A Vow to Bear?
(a) Three skeletons hanging from a tree.
(b) An abandoned wagon train.
(c) An Indian cairn.
(d) Two skeletons being ravaged by a bear.

13. How did this person get his nickname?
(a) He once broke an expensive vase.
(b) He was married to a woman named Inna.
(c) He was expected to have been a girl.
(d) He was nearly beaten to death with a short, straight piece of wood.

14. What reason does Stobrod give for wanting to live at Black Cove?
(a) The new leader of the deserters wants him to leave.
(b) The new leader of the outliers, the deserters, wants them to rob rich slave owners.
(c) The Home Guard will never think he is a deserter if he lives on a farm in the open.
(d) He wants to make amends to his daughter for her poor childhood.

15. What does Ruby send Ada out to get when Stobrod wakes them with his coughing in the middle of the night?
(a) Fresh fruit.
(b) Wild Turkeys.
(c) Coffee.
(d) Water.

Short Answer Questions

1. What instrument does Ada and Ruby's guest play?

2. What map does Inman follow on the next leg of his journey in the chapter, The Doing of It?

3. How does Ruby react to Inman's eventual arrival?

4. In the chapter, A Satisfied Mind, what does Ruby take into town to trade for beef?

5. What does the leader of these men order be done with Stobrod and Pangle after they get the answers they needed?

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