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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Inman walk into town?
(a) To post a letter.
(b) To buy supplies
(c) To show the doctors he is ready to return to his unit.
(d) To visit a friend.

2. What skill does Ada not have that she might need to survive on her own?
(a) Ada cannot grow vegetables.
(b) Ada cannot cook.
(c) Ada cannot sew.
(d) Ada cannot milk a cow.

3. What does Ada find in the basement of her house?
(a) A case of champagne.
(b) A stack of rare books.
(c) A nest of rats.
(d) A one-hundred pound bag of coffee.

4. What kind of gun does Inman's companion carry?
(a) A Colt.
(b) A Remington.
(c) A LeMat's pistol.
(d) A Whitworth .45 riffle.

5. Why is a group of people drawn to the street underneath the window of a prisoner?
(a) Because the prisoner is claiming police brutality.
(b) Because the prisoner is threatening to commit suicide.
(c) Because the prisoner is claiming that he was arrested on false charges and the real criminal is one of the policemen.
(d) Because the prisoner is explaining how he is a war hero who only came home to see his wife.

6. What did Ada's father often preach about during church services?
(a) Why man is born to die.
(b) Why man is burdened with free will.
(c) Why man is doomed to failure.
(d) Why man was created.

7. What confession does the person Inman meets at Deep River make?
(a) That he has stolen food from a nearby store.
(b) That she has run away from her husband with all the family money.
(c) That he has impregnanted a woman not his fiancee.
(d) That she has killed her husband.

8. What guards the farms that Inman passes in the flatlands?
(a) Wild dogs.
(b) Wild leopards.
(c) Wild humans.
(d) Wild boars.

9. How does Inman attempt to cross the river?
(a) In a boat he finds tied to a tree on the shore.
(b) On a ferry.
(c) In a canoe piloted by the daughter of the ferryman.
(d) On a small raft someone has left abandoned.

10. Who is the woman named Laura that Inman meets in the chapter, Life Any Other Thing, a Gift?
(a) Laura is the sister of a Home Guardsmen who ambushes Inman at Deep River.
(b) Laura is the wife of a farmer Inman helps by cutting up a bull that has died in the river by his farm.
(c) Laura is the woman the preacher has gotten pregnant and wants to kill to hide his indiscretion.
(d) Laura is the war widow Inman meets beside Deep River.

11. Who attacks Inman as he leaves the area where the settlement was?
(a) Two men and a prostitute.
(b) Two women and a shopkeeper.
(c) Two men and a blacksmith.
(d) Two women and a blacksmith.

12. What object does Ruby instruct Ada to create in the chapter, In Place of the Truth?
(a) A bar of soap.
(b) A scarecrow.
(c) A drawing of a heron.
(d) A picnic table.

13. What caused Ruby to spend the night in the woods when she is only four?
(a) She is lost in the dark.
(b) She is cornered by a mother bear protecting her cub.
(c) She is injured in a rock slide.
(d) She becomes attached to a blackthorn tree.

14. What did Ada later learn happened to this young man who spent time alone with her during her final party in Charleston?
(a) That he was killed at Gettysburg.
(b) That he became a politician.
(c) That he became a preacher.
(d) That he married another young woman.

15. Who does Inman run into in the middle of the night at Deep River?
(a) A preacher.
(b) A Home Guardsman.
(c) A war widow.
(d) A farmer with a wounded bull.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Veasey believe they should do with the saw?

2. Who is Ruby's father?

3. What animal does Stobrod claim is Ruby's true father?

4. Who does Inman meet who is in search of a slave he fell in love with on his father's prosperous farm?

5. What happens as Inman slowly crosses the river?

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