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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Veasey believe they should do with the saw?
(a) Trade it for food.
(b) Sell it for money.
(c) Give it to a farmer in need.
(d) Use it to murder a prostitute who crossed them.

2. Who is the woman named Laura that Inman meets in the chapter, Life Any Other Thing, a Gift?
(a) Laura is the sister of a Home Guardsmen who ambushes Inman at Deep River.
(b) Laura is the war widow Inman meets beside Deep River.
(c) Laura is the wife of a farmer Inman helps by cutting up a bull that has died in the river by his farm.
(d) Laura is the woman the preacher has gotten pregnant and wants to kill to hide his indiscretion.

3. Where is Inman's companion planning on going?
(a) Georgia.
(b) South Carolina.
(c) Texas.
(d) California.

4. What did Ada's father often preach about during church services?
(a) Why man is born to die.
(b) Why man was created.
(c) Why man is burdened with free will.
(d) Why man is doomed to failure.

5. What does Ada decide to sell in order to generate some money to help them through winter?
(a) The horse and some coffee.
(b) The cabriolet and the hog.
(c) A few acres of land and the tabacco crop.
(d) The piano.

6. What story does Ada recall Inman telling her?
(a) The story of his birth and early childhood.
(b) How Swimmer once taught him a spell called To Cause Grave Illness.
(c) An Indian story about a tribe's inability to enter the hidden room behind Shining Rock.
(d) An Indian story about the origins of Cold Mountain.

7. Why does Inman walk into town?
(a) To show the doctors he is ready to return to his unit.
(b) To visit a friend.
(c) To buy supplies
(d) To post a letter.

8. Who does Inman meet who is in search of a slave he fell in love with on his father's prosperous farm?
(a) Teague.
(b) Sally.
(c) Odell.
(d) Veasey.

9. What does the blind man answer when Inman asks if he would like to be able to see for ten minutes?
(a) Yes, especially if he could see a beautiful woman during that time.
(b) No, because it would only leave him angry and bitter.
(c) No, because he does not want to see a country that could turn on its brothers.
(d) Yes, but for much longer than ten minutes.

10. From whom is the letter Ruby brings Ada in the chapter, In Place of the Truth?
(a) Her cousin.
(b) A solicitor.
(c) Inman.
(d) Thewes.

11. What does the young man who takes Ada away during the party tell her?
(a) That he is afraid of being killed in battle.
(b) That he wants to be president of the new Confederacy.
(c) That he wants to be a preacher one day.
(d) That he is in love with her.

12. Who does Ruby suggest came up with the idea of celebrating Thanksgiving?
(a) Southern business men.
(b) Southern ladies' groups.
(c) Northern morphine addicts.
(d) Northern religious groups.

13. Which general does Inman claim he prefers?
(a) Davis.
(b) Lee.
(c) Longstreet.
(d) Grant.

14. What type of saw do Inman and Veasey find?
(a) A crosscut saw.
(b) A sabertooth saw.
(c) A circular saw.
(d) A lumberman's saw.

15. What does Inman do with the preacher?
(a) Inman leaves him alone in the woods, naked and without a weapon.
(b) Inman turns him over to the local law.
(c) Inman ties him to a tree with a confession written above him.
(d) Inman knocks him out and runs away while he is unconscious.

Short Answer Questions

1. What income did Ada and her father live on?

2. What side of the war does Inman fight on?

3. What object does Ruby instruct Ada to create in the chapter, In Place of the Truth?

4. What is the purpose of the spell Inman speaks?

5. Why does Ada decide not to return to Charleston after her father's death?

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