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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Ruby live while helping Ada at Black Cove?
(a) In town.
(b) In the barn with the animals.
(c) In the old servants' cabin.
(d) In the house with Ada.

2. What did Ada's father often preach about during church services?
(a) Why man is burdened with free will.
(b) Why man is born to die.
(c) Why man was created.
(d) Why man is doomed to failure.

3. Who tells Ada at a Christmas party that she should marry Inman?
(a) Teague.
(b) Ruby.
(c) Monroe.
(d) Sally.

4. Who does Ruby suggest came up with the idea of celebrating Thanksgiving?
(a) Northern morphine addicts.
(b) Southern ladies' groups.
(c) Southern business men.
(d) Northern religious groups.

5. What does Inman do to help Laura?
(a) Inman takes Laura to a settlement where she might find her husband.
(b) Inman seduces Laura and agrees to marry her.
(c) Inman returns her to her home, safe and sound.
(d) Inman save Laura from a group of Federals who want to steal her only means of survival.

6. How long has Ada lived in Black Cove?
(a) Sixty years.
(b) Six weeks.
(c) Six years.
(d) Six months.

7. How does Inman attempt to cross the river?
(a) On a small raft someone has left abandoned.
(b) In a canoe piloted by the daughter of the ferryman.
(c) On a ferry.
(d) In a boat he finds tied to a tree on the shore.

8. Why did Ada believe she was the product of a marriage of convenience?
(a) Because her parents divorced soon after her birth.
(b) Because her father told her she was.
(c) Because her mother told her she was.
(d) Because her parents were older when they married.

9. What happens to Veasey and Inman after they leave the farmer's home?
(a) They are shot by the Home Guard.
(b) They are put in jail.
(c) They are forced to pledge allegiance to the Union.
(d) They are placed in a new army regiment.

10. Why did Ada's father choose Cold Mountain over a spa or other appropriate situation?
(a) Ada's father believed it was his calling to preach to the mountain people.
(b) Ada's father felt the weather of Cold Mountain would be better than any other place.
(c) Ada's father wanted to be close to the Indians indiginous to the area.
(d) Ada's father loved Cold Mountain.

11. What crime does this farmer believe his wife has committed?
(a) Adultery.
(b) Murder.
(c) Prostitution.
(d) Robbery of a local store.

12. What did Ada later learn happened to this young man who spent time alone with her during her final party in Charleston?
(a) That he became a politician.
(b) That he became a preacher.
(c) That he was killed at Gettysburg.
(d) That he married another young woman.

13. What type of saw do Inman and Veasey find?
(a) A sabertooth saw.
(b) A crosscut saw.
(c) A circular saw.
(d) A lumberman's saw.

14. Who is Swimmer and why does Inman think about him after reading the news?
(a) Swimmer is a childhood friend whom Inman believes is with the Home Guard.
(b) Swimmer is a Cherokee friend of Inman's whom he is afraid might be fighting the Federals.
(c) Swimmer is a childhood enemy who is fighting the Federals in Tennessee.
(d) Swimmer is a childhood enemy who has married Inman's girl.

15. Why does Ruby come to Black Cove?
(a) Ruby wants to buy Ada's animals.
(b) Ruby wants to buy Black Cove.
(c) Ruby wants to befriend Ada.
(d) Ruby wants to offer her services to Ada.

Short Answer Questions

1. What book does Inman read while in the hospital?

2. What gun does Inman notice in a settlement where he stops to pick up supplies?

3. What happens to Inman after he drinks some fluid Lila gave him?

4. After the death of her father, what does Ada learn about her financial situation?

5. What side of the war does Inman fight on?

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