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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Ada's father choose Cold Mountain over a spa or other appropriate situation?
(a) Ada's father loved Cold Mountain.
(b) Ada's father believed it was his calling to preach to the mountain people.
(c) Ada's father wanted to be close to the Indians indiginous to the area.
(d) Ada's father felt the weather of Cold Mountain would be better than any other place.

2. From whom is the letter Ruby brings Ada in the chapter, In Place of the Truth?
(a) Her cousin.
(b) Thewes.
(c) A solicitor.
(d) Inman.

3. What is Ada looking for when she goes searching in the basement?
(a) Wine she thinks her father hid there.
(b) A rare book her father kept there.
(c) Signs of rodents.
(d) Champagne left from a party.

4. What does Inman say happened in Petersburg?
(a) A group of Indians massacred a Union company.
(b) A group of Confederates ambushed some Federals.
(c) A group of Federal tunnelers blew up a Confederate company.
(d) A group of Home Guardsmen murdered a group of deserters.

5. Why does a neighbor have such a grudge against Stobrod that he often shoots at him when he passes his farm?
(a) Stobrod leaves him alone, causing him to be mauled by a bear.
(b) Stobrod left him alone, causing him to become trapped under some logs.
(c) Stobrod burned down his house while helping him burn logs.
(d) Stobrod got him arrested by distilling illegal liquor on his property.

6. What did Ada later learn happened to this young man who spent time alone with her during her final party in Charleston?
(a) That he was killed at Gettysburg.
(b) That he became a preacher.
(c) That he became a politician.
(d) That he married another young woman.

7. Who attacks Inman as he leaves the area where the settlement was?
(a) Two women and a blacksmith.
(b) Two men and a prostitute.
(c) Two men and a blacksmith.
(d) Two women and a shopkeeper.

8. Who was Monroe's favorite poet?
(a) Woodsworth.
(b) Palmer.
(c) Holmes.
(d) Whitman.

9. What caused Ruby to spend the night in the woods when she is only four?
(a) She becomes attached to a blackthorn tree.
(b) She is cornered by a mother bear protecting her cub.
(c) She is injured in a rock slide.
(d) She is lost in the dark.

10. Who comes to Ruby's rescue?
(a) A fisherman.
(b) A neighbor.
(c) A hunter.
(d) Her father.

11. What is the name of the farmer who invites Inman and Veasey to spend the night at his farm after they help him remove a dead bull from the river?
(a) Balis.
(b) Junior.
(c) Frank.
(d) George.

12. Who is the woman named Laura that Inman meets in the chapter, Life Any Other Thing, a Gift?
(a) Laura is the sister of a Home Guardsmen who ambushes Inman at Deep River.
(b) Laura is the war widow Inman meets beside Deep River.
(c) Laura is the wife of a farmer Inman helps by cutting up a bull that has died in the river by his farm.
(d) Laura is the woman the preacher has gotten pregnant and wants to kill to hide his indiscretion.

13. Who is Ruby's father?
(a) Teague.
(b) Inman's cousin.
(c) Monroe.
(d) Stobrod Thewes.

14. Where does Inman dream of living one day?
(a) In a cabin high in the moutains.
(b) In a big city in the East.
(c) In the flatlands he is traveling through.
(d) At Black Cove with Ada.

15. Where did a man see a black woman placed in a cage and left for the buzzards to torment?
(a) Virginia.
(b) Georgia.
(c) South Carolina.
(d) Mississippi.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who believes parties are a waste of time and energy?

2. What does Veasey believe they should do with the saw?

3. Why does Veasey hit his companion over the head in the chapter Exile and Brute Wandering?

4. What happens as Inman slowly crosses the river?

5. What story does Ada recall Inman telling her?

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