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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Spirits of Crows, Dancing".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the farmer insist Inman do with his wife after catching them in a lover's embrace?
(a) Kill himself.
(b) Marry her.
(c) Kill her.
(d) Make love to her.

2. What instrument does Ada and Ruby's guest play?
(a) A banjo.
(b) A guitar.
(c) A set of drums.
(d) A fiddle.

3. Who is the woman named Laura that Inman meets in the chapter, Life Any Other Thing, a Gift?
(a) Laura is the war widow Inman meets beside Deep River.
(b) Laura is the wife of a farmer Inman helps by cutting up a bull that has died in the river by his farm.
(c) Laura is the woman the preacher has gotten pregnant and wants to kill to hide his indiscretion.
(d) Laura is the sister of a Home Guardsmen who ambushes Inman at Deep River.

4. What does Inman do with the saw?
(a) Cuts up fire wood.
(b) As a weapon in a robbery.
(c) Trades it for food.
(d) Cuts up a dead bull and then gives it to a farmer.

5. What does Inman find when he eventually reaches Black Cove?
(a) Veasey has reached it first.
(b) An abandoned farm.
(c) Stobrod.
(d) The Georgia boy there alone.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Ada decide not to return to Charleston after her father's death?

2. Why does Ada find herself sitting in Inman's lap?

3. What type of animal does the new person Inman meets in the chapter, The Doing of It, raise?

4. What confession does the person Inman meets at Deep River make?

5. Who tells Ada at a Christmas party that she should marry Inman?

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