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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Spirits of Crows, Dancing".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What noise attracts Inman to Ada and Ruby's camp?
(a) Ruby's yelling.
(b) Ada's screams.
(c) Ruby's riffle.
(d) Ada's shotgun shots.

2. What story does Ada recall Inman telling her?
(a) The story of his birth and early childhood.
(b) An Indian story about a tribe's inability to enter the hidden room behind Shining Rock.
(c) How Swimmer once taught him a spell called To Cause Grave Illness.
(d) An Indian story about the origins of Cold Mountain.

3. What does Ruby do with the trapped animal from the cornfield?
(a) Lets him go.
(b) Gives him supplies and directions.
(c) Feeds him to the cows.
(d) Feeds him breakfast and threatens to shoot him if he steals from her again.

4. Where do Ada and Ruby go for the night as snow begins to threaten?
(a) To an abandoned Indian cave.
(b) To the same shelter they used the night before.
(c) To an abandoned barn.
(d) To a village abandoned by the Trail of Tears.

5. Who was Monroe's favorite poet?
(a) Whitman.
(b) Holmes.
(c) Palmer.
(d) Woodsworth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Inman do to help Laura?

2. What wish does Inman make when he lies down to sleep in the chapter, A Vow to Bear?

3. What object does Ruby instruct Ada to create in the chapter, In Place of the Truth?

4. What contest do Ada and Ruby have one night in the chapter, In Place of the Truth?

5. After the death of her father, what does Ada learn about her financial situation?

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