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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "A Satisfied Mind".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does a preacher believe Inman means to kill him?
(a) Because the preacher attempted to kill an innocent girl to hide his sins.
(b) Because the preacher attempted to rob Inman.
(c) Because the preacher attempted to kill Inman.
(d) Becase the preacher threatened to turn Inman in to the Home Guard.

2. Who does Inman write a letter to at the end of the first chapter?
(a) Inman writes a letter to the girl he met the summer he spent in the woods attempting to learn the Cherokee ways.
(b) Inman writes a letter to the girl who sat on his lap four years ago.
(c) Inman writes a letter to his brother.
(d) Inman writes a letter to his mother.

3. Why did Monroe not marry Ada's mother when they were both younger?
(a) He did not meet her till they were older.
(b) She was already married to someone else.
(c) He caught her kissing another man.
(d) Her father would not allow the marriage to take place.

4. What caused Ruby to spend the night in the woods when she is only four?
(a) She is injured in a rock slide.
(b) She is lost in the dark.
(c) She is cornered by a mother bear protecting her cub.
(d) She becomes attached to a blackthorn tree.

5. What does the blind man sell outside the hospital?
(a) Chestnuts and drawings.
(b) Bibles and hot dogs.
(c) Peanuts and newspapers.
(d) Medicine and peanuts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Ruby and Ada have in common?

2. What does Ruby talk extensively about as she and Ada walk into town in the chapter, Source and Root?

3. What type of saw do Inman and Veasey find?

4. Who does Inman meet as he comes to the end of his map in the chapter, The Doing of It?

5. Where is Inman's companion planning on going?

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