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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "To Live Like a Gamecock".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was Monroe's favorite poet?
(a) Palmer.
(b) Holmes.
(c) Whitman.
(d) Woodsworth.

2. Why does Veasey hit his companion over the head in the chapter Exile and Brute Wandering?
(a) Because he attempted to molest a woman on the street.
(b) Because he refused to pay a prostitute for her services.
(c) Because he attempted to rob a shop keeper.
(d) Because he attempted to steal Inman's haversack.

3. What does this person who joins Inman in the chapter, Exile and Brute Wandering, tell Inman about what happened to him after their last meeting?
(a) That the townspeople beat him and cut his hair.
(b) That he was robbed of all his possessions and decided to move on.
(c) That he was forced out of the Home Guard for being too brutal.
(d) That he was fighting the Federals but decided to return home.

4. Where does Inman wake in the opening scene of The Shadow of a Crow?
(a) A military camp.
(b) A military hospital.
(c) A farm near Cold Mountain.
(d) A cabin in the woods.

5. Who invites Inman to join their camp?
(a) A Confederate army unit.
(b) A group of deserters hiding from the Home Guard.
(c) A group of fugitives fleeing the Federals in Tennessee.
(d) A group of gypsies downstream from him.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Inman continues his journey, who does he come across who helps him?

2. After the death of her father, what does Ada learn about her financial situation?

3. What does Inman say happened in Petersburg?

4. Why does Ada find herself sitting in Inman's lap?

5. Who does Inman dream of as he sleeps the night after meeting the Gypsies?

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