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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "To Live Like a Gamecock".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Monroe not marry Ada's mother when they were both younger?
(a) She was already married to someone else.
(b) Her father would not allow the marriage to take place.
(c) He did not meet her till they were older.
(d) He caught her kissing another man.

2. What text is Balis, Inman's neighbor in the hospital, translating into English?
(a) A Spanish text.
(b) A Greek text.
(c) A French text.
(d) A Latin text.

3. What skill does Ada not have that she might need to survive on her own?
(a) Ada cannot grow vegetables.
(b) Ada cannot sew.
(c) Ada cannot cook.
(d) Ada cannot milk a cow.

4. Where does Inman dream of living one day?
(a) In a big city in the East.
(b) In the flatlands he is traveling through.
(c) In a cabin high in the moutains.
(d) At Black Cove with Ada.

5. What type of saw do Inman and Veasey find?
(a) A circular saw.
(b) A lumberman's saw.
(c) A sabertooth saw.
(d) A crosscut saw.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ada decide to sell in order to generate some money to help them through winter?

2. What happens to Veasey and Inman after they leave the farmer's home?

3. As Inman continues his journey, who does he come across who helps him?

4. Why does Veasey hit his companion over the head in the chapter Exile and Brute Wandering?

5. Who invites Inman to join their camp?

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