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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Source and Root".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Monroe not marry Ada's mother when they were both younger?
(a) Her father would not allow the marriage to take place.
(b) He caught her kissing another man.
(c) She was already married to someone else.
(d) He did not meet her till they were older.

2. Who is the woman named Laura that Inman meets in the chapter, Life Any Other Thing, a Gift?
(a) Laura is the wife of a farmer Inman helps by cutting up a bull that has died in the river by his farm.
(b) Laura is the war widow Inman meets beside Deep River.
(c) Laura is the sister of a Home Guardsmen who ambushes Inman at Deep River.
(d) Laura is the woman the preacher has gotten pregnant and wants to kill to hide his indiscretion.

3. What guards the farms that Inman passes in the flatlands?
(a) Wild humans.
(b) Wild boars.
(c) Wild dogs.
(d) Wild leopards.

4. Why did Ada believe she was the product of a marriage of convenience?
(a) Because her parents were older when they married.
(b) Because her parents divorced soon after her birth.
(c) Because her father told her she was.
(d) Because her mother told her she was.

5. What gun does Inman notice in a settlement where he stops to pick up supplies?
(a) Reminton rifle.
(b) LeMats revolver.
(c) Whitworth .45 rifle.
(d) Colt .45 revolver.

Short Answer Questions

1. What item did Inman find on a battlefield and hide during his medical ordeal?

2. Which of Teague's men argues that they need to bring in a living prisoner?

3. Why does a neighbor have such a grudge against Stobrod that he often shoots at him when he passes his farm?

4. Who is Waldo, mentioned in the chapter Ashes of Roses?

5. Where was Stobrod the last time Ruby heard of him?

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