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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Life Any Other Thing, a Gift".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who tells Ada at a Christmas party that she should marry Inman?
(a) Monroe.
(b) Sally.
(c) Teague.
(d) Ruby.

2. Who is Ruby's father?
(a) Monroe.
(b) Teague.
(c) Stobrod Thewes.
(d) Inman's cousin.

3. Who is Swimmer and why does Inman think about him after reading the news?
(a) Swimmer is a childhood enemy who is fighting the Federals in Tennessee.
(b) Swimmer is a Cherokee friend of Inman's whom he is afraid might be fighting the Federals.
(c) Swimmer is a childhood enemy who has married Inman's girl.
(d) Swimmer is a childhood friend whom Inman believes is with the Home Guard.

4. While cooking corn mash, Inman smells what downstream?
(a) The approach of diry, smelly men.
(b) Real food being cooked.
(c) That the corn is spoiled.
(d) A dead animal.

5. What confession does the person Inman meets at Deep River make?
(a) That he has impregnanted a woman not his fiancee.
(b) That she has killed her husband.
(c) That he has stolen food from a nearby store.
(d) That she has run away from her husband with all the family money.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Ada looking for when she goes searching in the basement?

2. What does Ruby suggest Ada sell to generate some money to help them survive the winter?

3. What does the blind man answer when Inman asks if he would like to be able to see for ten minutes?

4. What does Inman do to help Laura?

5. Where does Ruby live while helping Ada at Black Cove?

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