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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Life Any Other Thing, a Gift".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the purpose of the spell Inman speaks?
(a) To cause an enemy to die in his sleep.
(b) To cause one's enemies to go to Nightland alone, covered in dog excrement, and blue with despair.
(c) To send an enemy to jail for their crimes.
(d) To cause an enemy to catch a terrible, disfiguring illness.

2. While cooking corn mash, Inman smells what downstream?
(a) A dead animal.
(b) The approach of diry, smelly men.
(c) That the corn is spoiled.
(d) Real food being cooked.

3. What gun does Inman notice in a settlement where he stops to pick up supplies?
(a) Colt .45 revolver.
(b) Reminton rifle.
(c) Whitworth .45 rifle.
(d) LeMats revolver.

4. Who does Inman run into in the middle of the night at Deep River?
(a) A war widow.
(b) A preacher.
(c) A Home Guardsman.
(d) A farmer with a wounded bull.

5. What does Ada decide to sell in order to generate some money to help them through winter?
(a) A few acres of land and the tabacco crop.
(b) The cabriolet and the hog.
(c) The horse and some coffee.
(d) The piano.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who attacks Inman as he leaves the area where the settlement was?

2. Why does Inman walk into town?

3. What is Ada looking for when she goes searching in the basement?

4. What vision does Ada see when Esco encourages her to look backwards down a well in a mirror?

5. What happens as Inman slowly crosses the river?

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