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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "The Color of Despair".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ruby come to Black Cove?
(a) Ruby wants to buy Black Cove.
(b) Ruby wants to offer her services to Ada.
(c) Ruby wants to befriend Ada.
(d) Ruby wants to buy Ada's animals.

2. What is the purpose of the spell Inman speaks?
(a) To send an enemy to jail for their crimes.
(b) To cause an enemy to catch a terrible, disfiguring illness.
(c) To cause an enemy to die in his sleep.
(d) To cause one's enemies to go to Nightland alone, covered in dog excrement, and blue with despair.

3. Why does Ada decide not to return to Charleston after her father's death?
(a) Ada feels Cold Mountain is the only place where she belongs.
(b) Ada has bad memories of her childhood in Charleston.
(c) Ada does not like her relatives in Charleston.
(d) Ada feels she has nothing to go back to.

4. What vision does Ada see when Esco encourages her to look backwards down a well in a mirror?
(a) A figure running toward a river.
(b) A figure walking in a corridor of trees.
(c) A figure running in an open meadow.
(d) A figure walking in snow.

5. Who does Inman write a letter to at the end of the first chapter?
(a) Inman writes a letter to his brother.
(b) Inman writes a letter to the girl he met the summer he spent in the woods attempting to learn the Cherokee ways.
(c) Inman writes a letter to his mother.
(d) Inman writes a letter to the girl who sat on his lap four years ago.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Inman take with him when he leaves the hospital at the end of the first chapter?

2. Where does Inman wake in the opening scene of The Shadow of a Crow?

3. Which general does Inman claim he prefers?

4. What does the blind man answer when Inman asks if he would like to be able to see for ten minutes?

5. What happens as Inman slowly crosses the river?

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