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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Footsteps in the Snow".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the chapter, Naught and Grief, who has joined Stobrod and Pangle?
(a) A young man from Georgia.
(b) Pangle's cousin.
(c) A young Indian woman.
(d) A young man from Tennessee.

2. Where do Ada and Ruby go for the night as snow begins to threaten?
(a) To the same shelter they used the night before.
(b) To a village abandoned by the Trail of Tears.
(c) To an abandoned Indian cave.
(d) To an abandoned barn.

3. Who is Sara, a woman Inman meets in the chapter, Bride Bed Full of Blood?
(a) A hermit woman.
(b) A war widow.
(c) An old girlfriend of Veasey's.
(d) The defiled companion of a preacher.

4. What happens to Inman after he drinks some fluid Lila gave him?
(a) He is unable to fight off her attempts at seduction.
(b) He falls asleep.
(c) He becomes instantly drunk.
(d) He becomes violently ill.

5. What confession does the person Inman meets at Deep River make?
(a) That he has impregnanted a woman not his fiancee.
(b) That she has run away from her husband with all the family money.
(c) That he has stolen food from a nearby store.
(d) That she has killed her husband.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Inman believe the person he sees at Deep River is up to no good?

2. Who saves Inman's companion from being shot in a standoff with a drunk?

3. Where did Inman meet Ada for the first time?

4. Why did Ada and her father move to Cold Mountain?

5. What did Ada's father often preach about during church services?

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