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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Ashes of Roses".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who believes parties are a waste of time and energy?
(a) Ada.
(b) Ruby.
(c) Sally.
(d) Laura.

2. What is the purpose of the spell Inman speaks?
(a) To cause one's enemies to go to Nightland alone, covered in dog excrement, and blue with despair.
(b) To cause an enemy to die in his sleep.
(c) To send an enemy to jail for their crimes.
(d) To cause an enemy to catch a terrible, disfiguring illness.

3. Who comes to Black Cove as Ada and Ruby ready the winter garden?
(a) A group of deserters from Fredricksburg.
(b) A group of women and children fleeing the Federals in Tennessee.
(c) The Home Guard.
(d) The Federals.

4. What does the young man who takes Ada away during the party tell her?
(a) That he is in love with her.
(b) That he is afraid of being killed in battle.
(c) That he wants to be president of the new Confederacy.
(d) That he wants to be a preacher one day.

5. What has Ada done on the farm since her father's death?
(a) Ada has sold the farm with the intention of returning to Charleston.
(b) Ada has taken the farm in hand and is running it efficiently.
(c) Ada has done nothing on the farm.
(d) Ada has hired a neighbor to care for the farm.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Inman attempt to cross the river?

2. Who tells Ada at a Christmas party that she should marry Inman?

3. How long has Ada lived in Black Cove?

4. Why did Ada and her father move to Cold Mountain?

5. Who does Inman run into in the middle of the night at Deep River?

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