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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Freewill Savages".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Inman attempt to cross the river?
(a) On a ferry.
(b) In a boat he finds tied to a tree on the shore.
(c) In a canoe piloted by the daughter of the ferryman.
(d) On a small raft someone has left abandoned.

2. What item did Inman find on a battlefield and hide during his medical ordeal?
(a) A Whitworth .45 riffle.
(b) A picture of an unknown woman.
(c) A leather medicine bag.
(d) A LeMat's pistol.

3. Who invites Inman to join their camp?
(a) A group of fugitives fleeing the Federals in Tennessee.
(b) A Confederate army unit.
(c) A group of deserters hiding from the Home Guard.
(d) A group of gypsies downstream from him.

4. What gun does Inman notice in a settlement where he stops to pick up supplies?
(a) LeMats revolver.
(b) Colt .45 revolver.
(c) Reminton rifle.
(d) Whitworth .45 rifle.

5. What kind of food does Inman find in the chapter Exile and Brute Wandering?
(a) Fresh deer meat.
(b) Honey and catfish.
(c) A fresh vegetable garden.
(d) Cheese and chicken.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Inman learn this spell?

2. What does Inman do with the preacher?

3. Who does Inman meet who is in search of a slave he fell in love with on his father's prosperous farm?

4. What does Inman steal while at the same time leaving money for its cost?

5. Where did a man see a black woman placed in a cage and left for the buzzards to torment?

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