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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Freewill Savages".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens as Inman slowly crosses the river?
(a) The ferry sinks.
(b) Someone begins firing at the canoe.
(c) The boat's owner chases after him.
(d) The raft falls apart.

2. What does Ada use to construct the item Ruby has told her to create?
(a) Lard from the hog killed earlier in the year.
(b) An old ball gown.
(c) A peice of coal.
(d) An old cart.

3. Where is Inman's companion planning on going?
(a) Georgia.
(b) South Carolina.
(c) California.
(d) Texas.

4. Who joins Ada and Ruby for supper as they enjoy what will most likely be their final dinner outside that fall?
(a) Inman.
(b) Stobrod.
(c) Brice.
(d) Veasey.

5. Who attacks Inman as he leaves the area where the settlement was?
(a) Two men and a blacksmith.
(b) Two men and a prostitute.
(c) Two women and a blacksmith.
(d) Two women and a shopkeeper.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Inman believe the person he sees at Deep River is up to no good?

2. What story does Ada recall Inman telling her?

3. Where did a man see a black woman placed in a cage and left for the buzzards to torment?

4. Why does a preacher believe Inman means to kill him?

5. Who does Inman meet who is in search of a slave he fell in love with on his father's prosperous farm?

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