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Lesson 1 (from "The Shadow of a Crow")


"The Shadow of a Crow"

This chapter introduces the male protagonist of the novel. Discuss character with students.


1) Class Discussion: Inman is introduced in this chapter. Discuss with the students the clues they are given in this first chapter that describe and introduce Inman. Ask students what they know about Inman simply by reading the chapter. Discuss Inman's current situation, his feelings about the situation, and his solution to his current situation.

2) Class Discussion: Define protagonist for students. Have students express who the protagonist of this chapter is and what clues are given in the text to help them establish the protagonist's identity. Discuss with the students what a protagonist is and how to identify a protagonist in any story. Discuss other stories the class may be familiar with and have students identify the protagonist until you feel they completely comprehend this concept.

3) Divide students...

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