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"The Shadow of a Crow"

• Inman, a Confederate soldier in the Civil War, is recovering from battle wounds in a military hospital.

• Inman meets a blind man and discusses many things with him, including his blindness and the generals who are running the war.

• Inman thinks and dreams of Cold Mountain, the place where he was born and raised.
• Inman writes a letter to a girl to let him know he is coming home soon.

• Inman thinks of his friend, a Cherokee named Swimmer, and wonders if he is part of a Home Guard searching for deserters.

• Inman thinks of Swimmer's philosophy on life as compared to his own Christian beliefs, how they conflict, and hopes Swimmer is not involved in the war.

• The man in the bed beside Inman has died. Inman takes his writings and leaves the hospital.

"The Ground Beneath Her Hands"

• Ada is an...

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