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Stella Gibbons
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Short Answer Questions

1. How is the church decorated?

2. Who arrives at Cold Comfort Farm?

3. What does Mr. Neck say the woodshed line is?

4. Why is Flora both relieved and excited?

5. Who has Flora "squared away" by the end of this chapter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What fairy tale does Elfine's debut at the dance seem most like?

2. How do you think the situation with Flora and the bull is symbolic of Flora with the lives of the Starkadders?

3. What do you think it says about Dick that he has decided to ask Elfine to marry him after she has made herself gorgeous?

4. Do you think Aunt Ada Doom is "doomed" to misery?

5. What is ironic about the scene with Urk and Miriam?

6. Whose perspective does chapter 14 begin with and what may it portend?

7. What does Aunt Ada Doom want on the morning of Elfine's wedding and what might her request symbolize?

8. What does Dr. Mudel suggest to "fix" Judith Starkadder and what do you think is Judith's fixation that is causing problems?

9. How are Seth's life and Elfine's life similar?

10. What actually produces an emotional response from Flora (as opposed to her usual practical nature) and how does Flora deal with the situation?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Flora Poste is introduced in Chapter 1 and appears in every subsequent chapter. She is the main character and protagonist of the novel. Discuss the following:

1. What is the definition of "protagonist" as it pertains to literary criticism?

2. Do you agree that Flora Poste is the protagonist of this novel? Why or why not? Give examples from the text.

3. Do you think Flora is a sympathetic character? At the beginning of the book? By the end of the book? Give examples.

Essay Topic 2

Comedy is often a part of a parody or satire. Chapter 8 is probably one of the most comedic scenes in the novel. Discuss the following:

1. Who is the Church of the Quivering Brethren? Do you think this church is parodying a "real-life" religion? Which one(s)? Why? Give examples.

2. What does the scene in the church add to the parody as a whole? Is this scene necessary to the storyline? Why or why not?

3. Why do you think comedy often is an integral part of a parody or satire? What purpose does it serve? Is the comedic scene at the Church of the Quivering Brethren successful as comedy? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

If there is a manipulator, there has to be those who are manipulated. Discuss the following:

1. What are some of the ways Aunt Ada Doom manipulates her family? Give specific examples.

2. Why do you think the family allows themselves to be manipulated? Discuss several of the main characters specifically.

3. Why is Aunt Ada Doom not able to manipulate Flora Poste? Why does Aunt Ada Doom believe she cannot manipulate Flora?

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