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Stella Gibbons
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what shape is the farm layout?
(a) Octagonal.
(b) Square.
(c) Hexagonal.
(d) Circle.

2. When did Miriam have her baby?
(a) A week ago.
(b) Today.
(c) A month ago.
(d) The day before.

3. Why does Flora want to fix up Elfine's appearance?
(a) So Elfine will settle down a little.
(b) To test out some of the fashion ideas about which Flora's been reading.
(c) So Elfine will like Flora.
(d) To make Elfine attractive to Richard Hawk-Monitor.

4. How far is Cold Comfort Farm from the sea?
(a) 50 kilometers.
(b) 100 miles.
(c) 100 kilometers.
(d) 2 miles.

5. Where does Flora go?
(a) To the general store.
(b) To Miriam's hut.
(c) To the train station.
(d) To the attic.

Short Answer Questions

1. By what name does Flora know old Mrs. Starkadder?

2. Upon what course of action does Flora decide?

3. What does Flora offer Miriam to wash the curtains?

4. How much money per year do her parents leave her?

5. In what style does Flora write her letters?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Flora realize she will have to do if she is going to fix the lives of the Starkadders?

2. What do you think is the significance of Adam calling Flora "Robert Poste's child" in their few exchanges?

3. Describe what Flora learns at her first breakfast at Cold Comfort Farm. What do you think might pique Flora's interest in what she learns?

4. What is Flora's solution to her situation?

5. Give a very brief synopsis of COLD COMFORT FARM.

6. What would be an apt title for this chapter and why?

7. If you were Miriam and had just delivered a baby, how would you feel about being asked to go wash curtains? Do you think this scene could have any other significance?

8. What is the meaning of the word parody?

9. Describe Flora's conversation with Reuben about Cold Comfort Farm; do you think Flora is sincere?

10. How does Amos's preaching lend itself well to his becoming a traveling evangelist?

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