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Stella Gibbons
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose job is it to milk the cows?
(a) Flora Starkadder.
(b) Judith Starkadder.
(c) Adam Lambsbreath.
(d) Amos Starkadder.

2. How does Flora decide to answer Seth?
(a) She says he is crude.
(b) She gets indignant.
(c) She changes the subject.
(d) She slaps him.

3. Why does Amos think it will do Flora no good to attend the church?
(a) Because she was not baptized as a baby.
(b) Because she is Catholic.
(c) Because she is Anglican.
(d) Because he thinks she is damned no matter what.

4. How does Seth enter the room?
(a) Swaggering.
(b) Stumbling.
(c) Limping.
(d) Quietly.

5. What has just happened to Flora Poste?
(a) She has just gotten pregnant.
(b) She just married a man from Eton.
(c) She has just been accepted into Oxford.
(d) Her parents have recently died.

6. In what style does Flora write her letters?
(a) A formal, Victorian style.
(b) No style.
(c) A baroque style.
(d) In a style most appealing to each individual relative.

7. What does Flora want to do?
(a) Join a convent.
(b) Go to Hollywood and try to get in the silent films.
(c) Give relatives her monthly stipend in exchange for room and board.
(d) Get a job as a nanny overseas.

8. What has Flora been doing in the last three days?
(a) Going to Howling to start Amos on his new career.
(b) Walking with Mr. Mybug.
(c) Buying up stock in the farm.
(d) Writing to various charities about supporting Amos as an itinerant preacher.

9. What does Flora offer to do for Elfine?
(a) Help her get to Richard's 21st birthday party.
(b) Help her get to America.
(c) Help her elope with Richard in a couple days.
(d) Help her with washing the curtains.

10. About what does Flora talk to Reuben?
(a) Buying some more cows.
(b) Her idea of Amos preaching to the masses.
(c) Getting a ride into Howling.
(d) Plowing the back 40.

11. What is difficult for Flora about Reuben?
(a) His really dirty fingernails.
(b) Understanding his accent.
(c) The way he puts his feet on the table.
(d) The way he chews food with his mouth open.

12. What does Mary believe about Flora's proposed move to the farm in Sussex?
(a) That Flora is not thinking straight because of her recent loss.
(b) That a farm is no place for someone who wants to get married.
(c) That Flora will return soon to London.
(d) That the family sounds like they are all insane.

13. Why does Flora want to fix up Elfine's appearance?
(a) To test out some of the fashion ideas about which Flora's been reading.
(b) So Elfine will settle down a little.
(c) So Elfine will like Flora.
(d) To make Elfine attractive to Richard Hawk-Monitor.

14. About what must Flora never ask Aunt Judith Starkadder?
(a) Why her uncle is kept in the cellar.
(b) How much they make on the farm.
(c) The family mystery.
(d) Why she has never married.

15. Why does Reuben eye Flora with some hostility?
(a) Because she told Miriam how to avoid pregnancy.
(b) He thinks she wants the farm.
(c) He thinks she thinks he's a clod.
(d) She tells him how to milk the cow.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what type of novel is COLD COMFORT FARM a parody?

2. What does Flora decide to buy Adam next time she is in Howling?

3. Of what does Amos accuse Flora?

4. What is Miriam's response after Flora's offer?

5. Where is the baby now?

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