Objects & Places from Cold Comfort Farm

Stella Gibbons
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Cold Comfort Farm

The central location in the novel, this place is a dairy farm in Howling, Sussex, that has been in the Starkadder family for generations.

Mouse Place

Mrs. Smiling's home in the Lambeth district of London where Flora initially goes to stay after her parents' funerals.

Nettle Flitch Field

A field by Cold Comfort Farm where the hired girl, Meriam, lives in a small hut.


A flowering plant that represents the dark nature of the farm. Any sukebind is removed from the house before Elfine's wedding.


The village closest to Cold Comfort Farm (about a mile away).

Condemn'd Man

Howling's only pub, where Mr. Mybug stays while writing his book.


A town seven miles from the farm where Flora first arrives by train and where Amos preaches at the Church of the Quivering Brethren.


The story begins here and Flora frequents it...

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