Cold Comfort Farm Character Descriptions

Stella Gibbons
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Flora Poste

This character is modeled after heroines of fiction, particularly of Jane Austen, to whom this character compares herself.

Aunta Ada Doom

This character is the matriarch of the Starkadder clan.

Elfine Starkadder

Tall with blue eyes, this character is Amos and Judith's only daughter, age seventeen.

Seth Starkadder

This character is often described as having panther-like, animalistic qualities and is rugged and handsome.

Reuben Starkadder

This character is Amos and Judith's oldest son who loves the farm more than anyone else in the family but worries his father will never leave it to him.

Judith Starkadder

This character is Flora's cousin and is married to Amos.

Amos Starkadder

This character is married to Judith and has three children--Reuben, Seth, and Elfine.

Adam Lambsbreath

This character is an old farmhand at Cold Comfort Farm, and years of hard labor show in his gnarled hands and weathered face...

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