Cold Comfort Farm Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Stella Gibbons
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Chapter 1

• COLD COMFORT FARM is set primarily in Sussex, England in the 1930s.

• Chapter One introduces Flora Poste, whose parents have recently died, leaving her with only one hundred pounds a year.

• Flora goes to stay with her childhood friend, Mary Smiling, a wealthy widow, in London.

• Flora decides she will find relatives to stay with in exchange for her hundred pounds a year.

• Flora will change the relatives to suit her needs and then find a man to marry.
• Flora and Mary dine out with two gentlemen, including Flora's second cousin Charles, who is planning to become a parson.

• Charles offers to rescue Flora in his plane if her plan to stay with relatives doesn't work out.

• Flora has an obvious affection toward Charles but is determined and plans to write letters to her relatives the next day.

Chapter 2

• Flora writes to a bachelor uncle in Scotland...

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