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Elizabeth E. Wein
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who knits Queenie her sweater the color of the sunset?

2. What nationality is the person who creates the ballpoint pen?

3. Who is the French resistance officer Maddie first meets in Ormaie?

4. Why does Maddie think she managed to land the plane after being hit?

5. Whose last words does Julie consider ending her writing with?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does the Gestapo allow to interview Queenie, and why do they allow this?

2. What kind of pen do RAF pilots like Maddie begin using in the early 1940s?

3. Why is Queenie shaken after an interrogation in Part III that she runs?

4. What surprises Queenie about Von Linden the more she finds out about his personal life in Part III?

5. Why is Maddie so distraught that she has Julie's identity papers?

6. Who does Maddie stay with in Ormaie?

7. Why is Maddie so worried about Julie after she crash-lands in Ormaie?

8. Why are the ground crew in Ormaie so astounded with Maddie when she crash-lands?

9. Where does Maddie desperately want to fly in Part III, and why?

10. Why does Queenie take the time to tie down all the cargo in the plane before parachuting out of it?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does Wein use Paul's character to demonstrate one very specific regard in which women serving in the British Army had to deal with inappropriate treatment? How does Wein manage to craft Paul into a nuanced character rather than a straight, one-dimensional villain? Write an essay explaining your answers, citing specific references to the text to help support your conclusions.

Essay Topic 2

How does Wein establish and maintain a sense of suspense throughout this novel, from beginning to end? Write an essay explaining your answers, citing specific references to the text to help support your conclusions.

Essay Topic 3

Why is Maddie so stressed and fearful about flying back to England, even as she is relieved to be making it home, at the end of her time in France towards the close of the novel? What happens when Maddie returns to England and the army debriefs her? Write an essay explaining your answers.

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