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Elizabeth E. Wein
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part IV (Pages 199 - 264).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who usually ties Queenie to her chair when she is being interrogated?
(a) Thibaut.
(b) Ferber.
(c) Von Linden.
(d) Engel.

2. What does Maddie think of the photo that is supposed to show her burned body in the Lysander?
(a) She thinks it is very convincing.
(b) It makes her vomit.
(c) It makes her feel as if she has a second chance at life.
(d) It makes her think the photographer who took the shots is very skilled.

3. What does Queenie call Von Linden that makes him very angry in Part III?
(a) A pawn.
(b) A Fascist.
(c) A Nazi.
(d) A fucking hypocrite.

4. What does Maddie's grandfather do?
(a) Doctor.
(b) Lawyer.
(c) Bike repair.
(d) Watchmaker.

5. What was Julie's spy name supposed to be for her Ormaie mission?
(a) Katharina Habicht.
(b) Rennie Spitzer.
(c) Frieda Morlin.
(d) Hattie Leland.

Short Answer Questions

1. What cargo had Maddie been hauling in her flight with Julie to Ormaie?

2. What doe Nacht und Nebel mean?

3. What accent does Queenie say she can fake better than a German one in Part III?

4. What does Maddie eat at Queenie's home in Part II?

5. Who is the SOE organizer in Ormaie?

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