Objects & Places from Code Name Verity

Elizabeth E. Wein
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Silent Superb

This object represents Maddie's grit, resilience and bravery, even at a very young age.


This person represents mentoring and confidence, and this person embodies the concept of "ahead of her time."

Julie's Gray Scarf

This object represents a main character's determination and cleverness, and it becomes a poignant remembrance for the character's best friend after the character's death.

Ball Point Pens

These now-mundane objects were viewed as miraculous and very useful by RAF pilots, who were the first to use them in the early 1940s.


These sources of protein were so valued that they represent the scarcity of food and the depth of deprivation in England, France, and many other parts of Europe in WWII.

Carbolic Acid

This extremely caustic substance was sometimes used to torture prisoners by swabbing it into their mouths during Gestapo interrogations.

Kiss Me Hardy

This phrase became a kind...

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