Code Name Verity Character Descriptions

Elizabeth E. Wein
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Maddie Brodatt

This character is a female pilot in the RAF and demonstrates her bravery and commitment to the war effort throughout the novel.

Julie Beaufort-Stewart (Verity, Queenie)

This clever, vivacious character is a talented double-agent working for the British during WWII, and this character speaks English, French and German fluently.

Jamie Beaufort-Stewart

This character is a pilot in the RAF whose toes and some fingers have to be amputated after the pilot is shot down and spends some time in the freezing North Sea.

Amadeus Von Linden

This character is a higher-ranking official in the Gestapo who tortures prisoners and seems to have a soft spot for children.

Mitraillette Thibaut

This character is a talented and brilliant tactician in the French Resistance in Ormaie.

Anna Engel

This character is a low-ranking secretary and assistant to Gestapo officials in Ormaie.

Georgia Penn

This character is an American who tries...

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