Cloudstreet Character Descriptions

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Rose Pickles

This central character is a young girl when the story begins and a married woman with a baby when it ends. She is a reader and a thinker, although she is forced by poverty to quit school early and work on a department store's telephone switchboard. The stress of her highly dysfunctional family causes her to become anorexic, a condition that plagues her intermittently.

Mason "Quick" Lamb

This character is the eldest son in his family, is good with his hands and loves the outdoors, especially the river. Over the course of the novel, he works as a kangaroo shooter, a farmhand, a fisherman, and a policeman.

Sam Pickles

This character is the head of his family and the one who officially inherits Cloudstreet from his cousin. He is a joker, loves his family, and is kind, but he suffers from a fatal attraction to gambling...

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