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Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Clive to react with disgust when he is talking to Harry?

2. After telling on the stable boys, who does Joshua hint to Clive that there may be a relationship between?

3. After everyone leaves the house, what does Clive confess?

4. What does the play start with in Act I?

5. How does Betty greet Clive when he returns?

Short Essay Questions

1. Edward orders the women to stop playing catch. He believes that they are awful because they are women. How does this reflect the view on women during the time this play is occurring?

2. What does the bringing of Martin into the ritual represent?

3. Why would Joshua be rude to Betty?

4. Why would Edward lie about Joshua stealing Ellen's necklace when he had it all along?

5. What is the significance of the Betty from Act 1 and the Betty from Act 2 embracing at the end of the play?

6. Why would Edward shout at Joshua to obey Betty?

7. How does Maud's warning Clive to pay more attention to Betty foreshadow Betty's reaction to Harry's arrival?

8. What does the park symbolize?

9. How does Betty feel about spending time with other women? Why does she feel this way?

10. Why doesn't Ellen want Betty to run off with Harry?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At Harry and Ellen's wedding, Clive spoke about marriage to the guests, while Betty discussed marriage to the bride privately. How are their views on marriage different? Why may they have different views?

Essay Topic 2

Sexual gender is a unique concept that is fabricated upon throughout Cloud 9. Many of the female characters were played by men and vice versa. What is the significance of the author developing the characters in this way? Are the genders of the actors appropriate for the characters in which they play? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Children play a large role in the story Cloud 9. Why is the presence of children significant? How are the children of Victoria and Edward different than Cathy and Tommy? How are they the same? Do any of the other characters have childlike characteristics? If so, who?

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