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Short Answer Questions

1. During the dispute about Edward's doll, who does Maud slap?

2. What kind of story does Joshua tell Edward while they are on the porch?

3. What kind of picnic does the family have?

4. What has the destruction of the native village caused to happen?

5. How does Harry feel about himself after his discussion with Clive?

Short Essay Questions

1. Ellen reveals to Clive that Edward has been playing with dolls. How does Clive react to this news? Is his reaction surprising?

2. What can the doll Edward takes from Victoria symbolize?

3. In this Act 2 Scene 4, several characters from Act 1 have resurfaced. What is the significance of this?

4. Edward quits his job to "keep house" for Victoria and Lin. Is this situation surprising?

5. Describe the relationship between Clive and Joshua.

6. Why would Joshua destroy the doll Edward adores so much?

7. What does the bringing of Martin into the ritual represent?

8. What is the relationship between Betty and Clive?

9. Betty's split from Clive leaves everyone in a state of shock. How did others view the marriage of Clive and Betty?

10. In the park, Edward gives Martin directions on how to take care of Tommy even though Martin is Tommy's father. What does this tell the audience about Martin's fathering skills?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The climax is the turning point of any story. What event marks the climax in Cloud 9? Why is this event a turning point? How would the plot have been if this event never happened?

Essay Topic 2

Sexual gender is a unique concept that is fabricated upon throughout Cloud 9. Many of the female characters were played by men and vice versa. What is the significance of the author developing the characters in this way? Are the genders of the actors appropriate for the characters in which they play? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Loyalties are demonstrated between Joshua and Clive and Edward and Victoria, while it is missing in many of the other relationships. What role did the concept of loyalty have in the novel? What did the lack of loyalty contribute to the story line? Would the story have changed if there were more loyalties amongst the characters?

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