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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Clive entrusted with for his job?
(a) The gold in the area.
(b) The native villagers.
(c) Building weapons.
(d) The Queen's land.

2. What does Betty and Harry confess to each other?
(a) A secret passion.
(b) Hate for Clive.
(c) Fear of Joshua.
(d) Hatred for each other.

3. Why do Maud, Betty, Mrs. Saunders and Victoria wait inside while the men go to the stables?
(a) Clive is fighting with Joshua.
(b) Clive is whipping the stable boys.
(c) There is a storm.
(d) The natives are outside.

4. What does Clive spill on his pants at the picnic?
(a) Milk.
(b) Juice.
(c) Champagne.
(d) Water.

5. When Joshua is rude to Betty, who orders Joshua to obey Betty?
(a) Maud.
(b) Mrs. Saunders.
(c) Edward.
(d) Clive.

6. What are Ellen and Betty playing at the picnic?
(a) Catch.
(b) House.
(c) Cops and robbers.
(d) Tag.

7. Who comes looking for Edward outside in Act 1, Scene 4?
(a) Betty and Victoria.
(b) Maud and Betty.
(c) Ellen and Betty.
(d) Maud and Ellen.

8. After telling on the stable boys, who does Joshua hint to Clive that there may be a relationship between?
(a) Betty and Ellen.
(b) Edward and Betty.
(c) Harry and Ellen.
(d) Harry and Betty.

9. What are the stable boys said to be doing?
(a) Planning a war.
(b) Stealing.
(c) Whispering and sneaking out.
(d) Giving the other tribe secrets.

10. Who rules Africa during Act I?
(a) The United States.
(b) Spain.
(c) Rome.
(d) The British Empire.

11. What does Clive try to convince Mrs. Saunders to do when they are in the open field?
(a) Fight the natives.
(b) Have sex with him.
(c) Leave his house.
(d) Surrender to the natives.

12. What does Maud feel about children in general?
(a) They should be in bed when the sun goes down.
(b) They should keep their mouths shut.
(c) They are useless.
(d) They should honor their parents.

13. Why does Betty protest the news of their upcoming visitor?
(a) She is not fond of them.
(b) They don't have the money to entertain.
(c) She is afraid for their safety.
(d) The house is a mess.

14. Why does Maud quit the second game during the picnic?
(a) She thinks she hears something.
(b) She gets stung by an insect.
(c) She gets scared.
(d) She thinks the game is silly.

15. How does Maud feel about Mrs. Saunders going outside with the men?
(a) She is worried for her.
(b) She is angry.
(c) That it's unwomanly.
(d) She encourages her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who witnesses the confessions made by Betty and Harry?

2. Why is Edward sent inside by Clive?

3. Who does Betty claim has been mean to her?

4. With whom does Clive appear when he re-enters the room from meeting with their guest in Act 1?

5. Who catches Edward playing with the doll and yells at him?

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