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Objective: Act 1 Scene 1 Act 1 opens in Africa during the time of the British Empire. Clive's job is to help maintain the Empire and keep the natives at bay. However, rebellion is occurring amongst the natives and also amongst the Clive's family. Exploring the rebellious nature of the characters is the objective of this lesson.

1. Small Group: Identify the rebellious characters and their actions that mark them as rebellious. Create a chart demonstrating this information.

2. Individual: Write 1-2 paragraphs reflecting how the characters in this Act respond to the rebellious behavior of others. What does their behavior reveal about their own character? Do they react differently to different characters?

3. Pairs: Identify words that indicate rebellious behavior.

Homework: Create an analogy using the rebellious behavior in this Act. This can be done by comparing two characters or a character to very different object.


Objective: Act 1 Scene 1 In contrast...

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