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Act 1, Scene 1

• The setting is established in Africa during the time of the British Empire.

• Clive introduces his family to the audience during this time of patriotic celebration.

• Clive returns home from work and his wife, Betty, informs him of a visit they will be receiving from Clive's friend Harry.

• Betty claims that Joshua, the servant, has been rude to her, but Clive doesn't believe her.

• Maud, Clive's mother in law, tells Clive he needs to pay more attention to his wife, but Clive shrugs it off.

• Clive's children, Edward and Victoria are brought in the room and Betty mentions that Edward has been playing with dolls.

• Harry arrives and Betty becomes excited to see this man she has claimed to dislike.

• The neighbor, Mrs. Saunders, who has escaped an attack from the natives has appeared in hope of safety.

• The situation with the natives is worrisome and...

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