Objects & Places from Cloud Atlas

David Mitchell (author)
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Chatham Islands

This location is the Polynesian setting for the first "Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing" chapter.

Chateau Zedelgheim

This location is just outside the town of Bruges, and is the home of an aging composer.

Buenas Yerbas

This location is a town in California.

Swannekke Island

This location is the site of three nuclear reactors, including the controversial HYDRA project.

Seaboard Corporation

This is the owner of the Swannekke Island facilities and the creator of the HYDRA project.

Aurora House

This location is said to be a hotel, but is really a rest home for the elderly.

Knuckle Sandwich

This item is the gangster-chic book by Dermot "Duster" Hoggins, which describes the author's rough and tumble escapades and those of his thug-like friends and family.

Nea So Copros

This location is the new, corporate-run world.

The Big Island

This location, also called the "Big I", is one...

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