Cloud Atlas Fun Activities

David Mitchell (author)
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Develop a crossword where the words are things, events, locations or people in the stories.

Create a map

For each of the stories, create a map of places that are mentioned, and places where important events take place. Merge all the maps for the various stories into one map.


Pretend that you are Luisa Rey. Write a series of blog entries that detail the events happening to you and the information you are gathering.

A tone poem

Research what a tone poem is. Frobisher and Ayrs create one while they are collaborating. Create a tone poem that is based on this book.

Research history of the native people

Research the history of the native people of the Polynesian Islands. Compare and contrast the history that you are researching with the history that Mr. D'Arnoq gives in the first chapter.


Luisa works for the "Spyglass" gossip...

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