Close to Shore: The Terrifying Shark Attacks of 1916 Quiz | Eight Week Quiz B

Michael Capuzzo
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 5 and 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Eugene and Louisa Vansant did what with their daughters at dusk while their eldest child, Charles, romped with the family dog in the waters off the beach?
(a) Had dinner.
(b) Went to the movies.
(c) Strolled along the boardwalk.
(d) Went dancing.

2. The great white, even in modern times, remains what?
(a) A creature of interest.
(b) A significant danger to man.
(c) Much of a mystery.
(d) Of no interest to man.

3. The owner and captain of the yacht was the wealthy shipping mogul Hermann Oelrichs. One of Oelrichs' goals was to debunk the myth that sharks were man-eaters. He felt certain that their bad publicity stemmed from pure fantasy. He had offered a reward of ____________ for proof that any person had ever been attacked by a shark.
(a) $100.
(b) $50.
(c) $500.
(d) $5,000.

4. The person attempting to pull Charles toward the shore was stopped suddenly by what?
(a) Another person screaming in the water.
(b) The shark as it attacked Charles' would-be lifesaver.
(c) The shark had reappeared and was clamped down on Charles' leg.
(d) A large wave.

5. Has the force of the great white's bite ever been measured?
(a) No.
(b) Yes.
(c) Yes, but the measurement was made on a juvenile shark.
(d) Yes, but the evidence is not solid.

Short Answer Questions

1. There was disagreement among the public as to what killed Charles. Some thought a shark was the culprit, others were convinced that _____________ was the predator.

2. By ____________ years of age, the white shark nearly doubles in size, making it nearly invincible in its environment.

3. The first to reach Charles was who?

4. By the time Oelrichs died in __________, no proof of the shark's danger to man had been produced.

5. The Vansants stayed at the stylish _____________ Hotel, where the upper crust enjoyed their respite.

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