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Michael Capuzzo
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7 and 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By the time Oelrichs died in __________, no proof of the shark's danger to man had been produced.
(a) 1906.
(b) 1901.
(c) 1900.
(d) 1912.

2. The shark attacked, biting Charles where?
(a) Below the knee.
(b) Around the waste.
(c) On the foot.
(d) Below the elbow.

3. What were women doing that was scandalous to many?
(a) They were talking to boys.
(b) They were exposing their arms and legs and wearing scandalous clinging wool suits.
(c) They were not enjoying the beach environment.
(d) They were going on dates.

4. In large part, why has the great white escaped scientific scrutiny?
(a) It's numbers are too few.
(b) It is not of interest to most ichthyologists.
(c) It is a very solitary animal.
(d) It is too large and powerful for captivity.

5. The shark that attacked in 1916 had returned from the southern waters where he had suffered in his competition with many larger predators. He was tossed northward by what?
(a) The smell of humans.
(b) The strong current of the Gulf Stream.
(c) A strong hurricane.
(d) A tropical storm.

Short Answer Questions

1. The owner and captain of the yacht was the wealthy shipping mogul Hermann Oelrichs. One of Oelrichs' goals was to debunk the myth that sharks were man-eaters. He felt certain that their bad publicity stemmed from pure fantasy. He had offered a reward of ____________ for proof that any person had ever been attacked by a shark.

2. Successive rows of additional teeth are poised behind the functional teeth, ready to replace them when they are discarded. Every ______________ weeks, a new, serrated set of teeth replaces the current set.

3. As Gertrude stroked along parallel to the coastline, what happened to her?

4. The Vansants stayed at the stylish _____________ Hotel, where the upper crust enjoyed their respite.

5. Charles sensed that he was being followed and probably felt he had reached safety. Why did he feel safe?

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