Close Range: Wyoming Stories Character Descriptions

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Meroappears in The Half-Skinned Steer

This character is an old man who was raised on a ranch in Wyoming with his brother. After fighting with his brother, this character eventually left the ranch, making a life for himself in Massachusetts.

Diamond Feltsappears in The Mud Below

This character, who is a bull rider in the rodeo, was raised by a mother who refused to allow her sons to live the ranch lifestyle.

Leeland Leeappears in Job History

This character is a man who was raised on a failing hog farm. He grew up to have a steady string of endless jobs himself.

Rassmusenappears in People in Hell Just Want a Drink of Water

This character was raised on a struggling ranch in Wyoming. After leaving home as soon as possible, this person travels the country until a terrible accident happens.

Ottalineappears in The Bunchgrass Edge of the World

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