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The Half-Skinned Steer

• Mero gets a call from a relative he has never met, informing him that Rollo, his brother, has died.

• As Mero begins to drive cross country, from his home in Massachusetts, he recalls his childhood on the family ranch in Wyoming.

• What Mero recalls the most is the story his father's girlfriend told him and Rollo once about a rancher who had a plate in his head that caused him to be forgetful.

• One day this man was skinning a steer. The man drained the steer of blood, cut out its tongue, and had it half-skinned when he was called in for dinner.
• The man left the steer lying in the dust while he ate; when the man returned, the steer was gone.

• In a minute the man caught sight of the steer walking in a distant pasture, and the girlfriend told Rollo and Mero...

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