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W. E. B. Griffin
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Short Answer Questions

1. Whose family lives in Alabama that Dunn and Pick go to visit?

2. What are the planes that Pick notices in Florida are perfectly maintained and has his name on them?

3. At whose headquarters does Pickering arrive to discuss the MAGIC intercepts about the situation in Guadalcanal?

4. Who does Colonel Porter order to find transportation for Dunn and Pick?

5. What does the studio want Veronica to participate in during her one-month vacation that she does not want to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Veronica visit Dawn and what does this reveal about her concern for Easterbrook?

2. With the personnel changes in the corps, why is Stecker upset?

3. When Jake is assembling the personnel for the second war bond tour, what does he lack in knowledge about the pilots?

4. When Carstairs comes to talk to Dunn and Pick, what is the change in policy that he discusses with them?

5. Why is Carolyn dirty when she arrives at the Andrew Foster Hotel?

6. Why does Fowler appear in the suite where Pick, Dunn and Easterbrook at eating?

7. What do the various comments about security truly reveal about MacArthur's real concerns to Pickering?

8. What is Banning and McCoy's meeting with their dates at the saloon like?

9. Why are Galloway, Pick, and Dunn not happy about being assigned to the war bond tour?

10. What does Pickering believe that Pluto feels about the Japanese commander?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe some of the settings for "Close Combat". What is the overall setting? How do the Solomon Islands change over time? How is San Francisco different from the depiction of San Diego? Be sure to include geography, time period and any pertinent popular culture events. Why did Griffin choose to use these places in "Close Combat"?

Essay Topic 2

Politics play a significant role in the book. Griffin refers to the politics of American naval bases compared to that of aviation. Discuss the use of politics in the novel. How does politics influence the actions of the main characters of Pickering, Easterbrook, Pick, and others? Also examine the use of politics in relationships.

Essay Topic 3

Love and sexuality between different characters is a recurring theme in "Close Combat". How does Jake's feelings about love change from the beginning of the novel to its end? In what ways has he expanded his awareness and beliefs? Is sexuality connected to love for Jake? How does his feelings develop for Veronica and change and how does his relationship with her contrast with that of other women that he has had romantic feelings for or an idealized relationship with?

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