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W. E. B. Griffin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who discuss the intelligence situation concerning poor communication regarding the army and navy on Pearl Harbor?
(a) Pickering and Oblensky.
(b) Dillon and Banning.
(c) Vandergrift and Henderson.
(d) Banning and Vandergrift.

2. In Washington, D.C., who is the Secretary of the Navy meeting with President Roosevelt?
(a) Hoover.
(b) Oblensky.
(c) Knox.
(d) Banning.

3. Who is the Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff in Personnel?
(a) Macklin.
(b) Banning.
(c) Rickabee.
(d) Wilson.

4. Who receives a new flight suit and other supplies from Pick?
(a) McCoy.
(b) Easterbrook.
(c) Dunn.
(d) Priestley.

5. What does Galloway say cannot be used because it requires a day of repairs?
(a) The plane.
(b) The helicopter.
(c) The balloon.
(d) The shuttle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who describes a report of Japanese ships off the Santa Cruz Islands and an all out attack on Guadalcanal?

2. Who is the Major that awakens on Guadalcanal and goes to meet Vandergrift?

3. Who is part of a photojournalist team on Guadacanal?

4. What organization does the Office of Strategic Services evolve into?

5. When Banning's plane lands in San Francisco, who is he met by?

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