Close Combat Character Descriptions

W. E. B. Griffin
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Robert F. Easterbrook

This character is a Marine corporal serving on Guadalcanal who had planned a career in photojournalism.

Fleming Pickering

This character is a special envoy to Secretary of the Navy with knowledge of the Pacific.

Charles M. Galloway

This character is a United States Marine Corps captain and pilot on a secret mission.

William Charles Dunn

This character is a First Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps.

Richard B. Macklin

This character is a graduate of the US Naval Academy at Annapolis who was injured in the invasion of Gavutu.

Jack Stecker

This character is the commanding officer of the 2nd Battalion, Fifth Marines on Guadalcanal.

Malcolm S. Pickering

This character is a second lieutenant and pilot in the United States Marine Corps whose father was a brigadier.

Ken McCoy

This character worked in intelligence and is fluent in Japanese, China and several European languages...

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