Close Combat Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

W. E. B. Griffin
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Chapter 1

• Charles Dunn is viewing the Pagoda, or control tower, at Henderson Field, Guadalcanal.

• Dunn asked his group to check their guns, which they do.

• The planes headed in a northwest direction.

• Dunn was Acting Commander because Captain Charles M. Galloway was away on a secret mission.

• Lieutenant Colonel Clyde W. Dawkins, the Commanding Officer feels that Dunn is a natural leader and the best man for the job.

• Dunn and Dawkins talk about the crash of one of the planes that had run out of fuel.

• Dunn feels personally responsible for the death of the man.

• He insists on writing the widow.

• The patrol had failed to find the Blue Baron, Baron Eric von Hassenfeffor, whom they were hoping to engage.

• Galloway is piloting a plane with Pick Pickering as his co-pilot.

• They land at Henderson Field.

• Bobby Easterbrook is at Guadalcanal as part of a...

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