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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Alex see at the library?
(a) The educated man that Alex and his gang beat up a long time ago.
(b) One of the old ladies that Alex and his gang bought drinks for a long time ago.
(c) The old drunk that Alex and his gang beat up a long time ago.
(d) The woman that Alex and his gang raped a long time ago.

2. What happened to Joe?
(a) He tried to steal from Alex's parents.
(b) He robbed a bank and was shot.
(c) He was in a car accident.
(d) He was beaten by the police.

3. What word does Alex use to describe the part of town his staja is in?
(a) Pitiful.
(b) Depressing.
(c) Gloomy.
(d) Pathetic.

4. What do the officers do to Alex?
(a) Let him join them on their patrol.
(b) Convince him to join the police.
(c) Beat him up.
(d) Shoot him in the back of the head.

5. What does Dr. Brodky say that Alex will be?
(a) A reformed young malchick.
(b) A true Christian.
(c) Dead in three years or less.
(d) A repeat-offender.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Alex wake up?

2. What does Alex think about rather than killing a fly?

3. What do the doctors do when Alex asks them to stop the film?

4. What does Alex order at the Korova?

5. What has Alex served well?

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